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Small Scale Mechanical Response Of W(Ti,Ta)C-Co Composites

  • : Daniela Sandoval1, Joan Josep Roa Rovira1, Jose María Tarragó1, J Fair2, Luis Llanes1
  • : 1UPC-ETSEIB, 2Sandvik Hyperion
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2016


The outstanding mechanical and tribological behavior exhibited by hardmetals result from the combination of two phases with quite different local properties. However, information on the small-scale mechanical response of these materials is rather scarce. This is true regarding experimental data and analysis on the influence of phase nature, crystal orientation and interfacial adhesion strength on hardness, deformation and/or damage mechanisms. The knowledge of these issues is crucial to improve the performance of hardmetals and to optimize their microstructural design. A systematic micro- and nanomechanical study of the intrinsic hardness of the constitutive phases of a W(Ti,Ta)C-Co grade. In doing so, nanoindentation and statistical analysis are combined. It is found that ceramic particles are anisotropic in terms of hardness, being the TiC (111) harder than WC (0001) plane. Local hardness measured within the metallic phase permits to extract flow stress for the constrained binder, yielding values ranging from 1.3 to 3.0 GPa.


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