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High Temperature Co Alloys Processed By PM Route: Designing y-y' Microstructures.

  • : Rafael Casas Ferreras1, Mónica Campos Gómez1, Francisco Gálvez Díaz-Rubio2
  • : 1Universidad Carlos III Madrid, 2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2016


The recent discovery of the stable Co3(Al,W) intermetallic with an ordered L12 structure, provides a potential dual phase y/y'’ microstructures in Co-base alloys that can compete with Ni-base superalloys for high T applications. This family of alloys have been developed always using conventional metallurgy, where, proper care needs to be taken in order to avoid defects such as macro and micro segregation, solidification shrinkage or second phase inclusions.

PM technology can aid to develop new routes with advances cooling concepts allowing innovations microstructural designs in the future. In this case, PM approach should include the development of the powder by atomization and fully-dense consolidation by HIP or SPS.

Ternary system Co-Al-W was investigated with CALPHAD method to predict Co-rich region. Once the alloy design was set, the experimental information was used to develop fully prealloyed powders. Consolidation was conducted through high densification PM route to promote the ?’ precipitation.


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