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SHS Synthesis, From Mechanically Activated Powdered Components Mixture, Of Molybdenum Aluminide, Mo3Al, For Use At Extremely High Temperatures

  • : Radu Liviu Orban1, Dana Slomie1, Magdalena Orban1, Teofil Lung1, Bogdan Neamtu1
  • : 1Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2016


The elaboration possibilities, by Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) starting from a near stoichiometric mixture of powdered components, of the highly refractory Mo3Al intermetallic compound - candidate to applications for the rocket/internal combustion engines future development, have been investigated. Thermodynamic analysis proved the possibility of its formation by an indirect reaction, involving Mo3Al8 or MoAl4 synthesis first and their further reaction with exceeding Mo. By DSC and XRD analyses has been established that, to facilitate this reaction, an intimate homogenization and an energetically activation of the component powder mixture, prior SHS, by a controlled Mechanical Alloying-Mechanical Disordering (MA+MD), is necessary, the optimum being their applying by milling for 3h, in a planetary ball mill under Ar atmosphere. By subjecting compacts realized from this powder mixture to SHS in thermo-explosion mode under pressure in a vacuum, a material of similar microstructure to of superalloys, consisting in a multitude of submicron Mo3Al crystallites firmly embedded in a Mo-Al alloy matrix, density of 73.26 %, and higher Vickers hardness than of Mo (1742 MPa, vs. ~ 1400 MPa) has been obtained.


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