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Compression Moulding Of Gas Atomised La-Fe-Si Alloys For Magnetic Refrigeration Applications

  • : Nerea Burgos1, Charlotte Mayer2, Jose Manuel Martin1, Peter Vikner2, Francisco Castro1
  • : 1CEIT and Tecnun (University of Navarra), 2Erasteel
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2017


La-Fe-Si alloys are very attractive materials for manufacturing the magnetocaloric components used in magnetic refrigerators. In some machine designs, this component is a plate with the lowest possible thickness. A method to manufacture this plate based on compression moulding was investigated. The La-Fe-Si powder was mixed with several epoxy resins. The volume fraction of the magnetocaloric powder in the feedstock was varied between 60 and 90 vol% to determine the highest value compatible with the required mechanical strength. The parameters of the compression moulding cycle (pressure, temperature, time and ejection conditions) along with the use of several mould release agents were studied to obtain samples without cracks and maximum density. The microstructure of the final samples was studied by scanning electron microscopy. Plates of about 1.5 mm in thickness, with 80 vol% of magnetocaloric powder and 75 MPa of Transverse Rupture Strength were produced.


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