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Ti6Al4V Foams Prepared By PM/space-holder Method: Effect Of Sintering Temperature On Mechanical Properties

  • : Oleg Smorygo1, Alexander Marukovich1, Anastasiya Vazhnova1, Alexander Ilyushchanka1, Adriana Stefan2
  • : 1Powder Metallurgy Institute, 2National Institute for Aerospace Research and Development „Elie Carafoli”
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2017


Ti6Al4V alloy foams with the closed-cell structure and porosity of 0.84±0.1 were made by PM/space-holder method, i.e. by compacting composite granules comprised a spherical space-holder core and powder coating. Typical Widmansttäten microstructure could be observed after vacuum sintering in the temperature range of 1250-1300oC in vacuum. Both residual porosity and microstructure were evolving with the sintering temperature increase. Low porosity (1-2%) and pronounces segregation of α- and β-phases were achieved after sintering at 1350-1400oC. Maximum mechanical properties were achieved in the same temperature range: compressive yield stress was 19.2±1.8 MPa and elastic modulus was 0.8±1.4 GPa in the foams with porosity of 0.84±0.1. The achieved mechanical strength was 1.8-2 times higher as compared to Ti foams made by the same technological route.


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