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Structure And Properties Of WC-MC-Co Hardmetals And Of Their MC And M(C,N) Phases

  • : Walter Lengauer1, Roman Hochenauer1
  • : 1TU Vienna
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2017


WC-MC-Co hardmetals with 10wt% Co were prepared in undoped as well as in either Cr- or V-doped form. The starting formulation contained 5wt% TiC or 5% (TiC+TiN), the latter with two different TiC/TiN ratios, and 10wt% (Ta,Nb)C. For each composition, a low-C grade (MS≈75%) and a high-C grade (MS≈88%) was adjusted by C or W addition, to end up with 18 different hardmetal formulations. Model alloys and MC phases with a composition reflecting the composition of these phases in the hardmetal were prepared, too. A variety of data was collected: binder phase and hard phase compositions by WDS-EPMA, thermal conductivities of MC phases and hardmetals by heat capacity and temperature conductivity measurements up to 950°C, crystallite-size distribution by EBSD, hardness HV30, Palmqvist-Shetty fracture toughness, Weibull evaluation of the TRS, oxidation resistance as well as milling tests on coated hardmetals with TiCN/Al2O3 and TiAlN layers.


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