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Temperature Effect On The Properties Of Titanium Matrices With 20%vol. Ti-Al, Reinforced By 50% Vol. Of B4C

  • : Isabel Montealegre-Melendez1, Cristina Arévalo1, Eva María Pérez-Soriano1, Erich Neubauer2, Michael Kitzmantel2
  • : 1University of Seville, 2RHP-Technology GmbH, Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2017


The present work aims the study of the temperature effect on the properties of titanium matrices with 20%vol. Ti-Al, reinforced by 50% vol. of B4C. The specimens were fabricated by inductive hot pressing at 40MPa and vacuum conditions. The consolidation time was 5 min, varying the processing temperature from 900ºC to 1400ºC. After the rapid hot consolidation, specimens were characterized. Archimedes´ density and hardness measurements were performed in addition to Young´s modulus. The microstructure study revealed the significant effect of the temperature on secondary phases formed in situ at different temperatures.The results of XDR analysis confirmed the reactivity of the matrix and the reinforcement, in addition to the solubility of the Al in the matrix. The lowest densification and hardness values were measured in specimens produced at 900ºC. The highest the temperature the higher densification and hardness measured.


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