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Euro PM2001 Proceedings: Volume 1

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  • : 2001

Euro PM2001 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 1.

This download contains the following papers:

Trends in the Automative Supply Chain

Chromium Alloyed Steels - A New Powder Generation

Surface Product Formation On Chromium Alloyed Steel Powder Particles

Heat Treatment of Cr-Mo sintered steels based on Astalogy CrM

Properties and Microstructure of PM Materials Pre-Alloyed with Nickel, Molybdenum and Chromium

Wear Behaviour Evaluation of Astaloy CrM through Pin-on-Disc Test

Influence of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of PM Low Chromium and Molybdenum Alloyed Steels

Contact Formation and Carbon Dissolution during Sintering of Steels prepared from Astaloy CrM

Characterisation of Sinter Hardening Effect of Astaloy CrM

Effects of Notrogen Uptake During Sintering on the Properties of PM Steels Prealloyed with Chromium

Optimising the Adding of Ceramic/Frictional Components into Sintered Friction Materials

Researches regarding the Obtaining of Some New Kind of Metallic Matrix Friction Materials

Synthesis and Properties of Ti3SiC2

Advanced Tool Materials

Temperature and Pressure Effects on the Morphology of TiC Combustion Synthesised

Self-Propagating High Temperature Sythesis of NiAI/TiC Composites

Debinding and Presenting of Hard Metals in Plasma Reactor: Study of the Maintenance of Carbon Content

Activated Migration Sintering

Influence of Cr3C2, TiC and TaC on Corrosion Behaviour and of Cemented Carbides at Different pH-Values

Combined Phase Composition and Cutting Properties Control for Cemented Carbide Tool Inserts

A Low Titanium Hardmetal for Steel-Cutting Applications of ISO P20-P30. Influence of Structurally Free WC, TiC Content in (Ti,W) C and Allowing Additives on its Strength, Plastic and Cutting Properties

Processes during the Heat Treatment (Sintering) of WC-Co Compacts

On Some Rheological Phenomena Occuring During Capillary Flow of Hard Metal Carbide Powder Compounds

Durability Characteristics of Compression-Sintered Hardmetals

Compound Carbide Composites produced by Diffusion Bonding

Cermet Dies for Hot Extrusion of Hard Aluminium Alloys

Mechanical and Physical Properties of Cements Based on Titanium Carbide

Predicted Values for Wear Resistance at Abrasive Wear Process of Tool Hard Materials Wear and Electronic Structure

Solid State Properties Cubic SiC and Based Solid Solutions

Study of Solid-Phase Consolidation of Ultrafine Grained WC-26% Ni Hardmetal During High-Energy Hot Pressing

Synthesis of TiC by Mechanical Activation of Powder Components

Determination of Phase Equilibria in the System Fe-Cu-Co: Contribution of Powder Mettallurgy Route

Microstructural Changes in WC-Co Cermets as a Function of the Carbon Potential

Properties of Rapidly Solidified Powder of Tool Steel Alloyed with Niobium

Properties of PM High Speed and Tool Steels Produced with the Newest PM-Technology

High Dence Powder Steels for Small Ball Bearing Rings

Ferric Stainless Steel Powders for High Density Applications

Corrosion Resistance and Properties of PM Duplex Stainless Steels Compositions

Development of Corrosion Resistant Gears for Water Hydraulic Pumps

Properties of Hybrid Fe-Mn-Cr-C Sintered Steel

Effects of Porosity on Thermal Diffusivity and Hardenability of PM Steels

Sinterability, Alloy Homogenisation and Microstructural Development of Ni-Cr-Mn Pm Steels

Fatigue properties of Sintered Steels: A Critical Review

Research on Obtaining Carbon Steel Sintered Compacts by Sinterinf Mixtures of Iron - Cast Iron Powders

Choice of Parameters Optimisation of Sintering Technology of Samples made of Iron, Copper and Graphite Mixture Powder

The Effects of Co-, Nb- and Ti- Addition on the Structure and Properties of PM High Speed Steel

Some Aspects of the Structural Sintered Steels of an Increased Mechanical Resistance Obtained by Microalloying

Dimensional Changes Occuring during Sintering of Astraloy Crm Powder Compacts with Boron and Carbon Additions

Microstructure and Dimensional Changes During Sintering of ASC 11.29 and NC 100.24 Hoganas Grade Powders with Manganase and Molybdenum Additions

PM High Notogen Martensitic Stainless Steel Produced with Nitride Chromium Powders

Investigation of PM Production Route and Characterisation of some Mechanical Properties of Highly Porous Titanium

Development of a Graded Porous Metallic Filter for Microfiltration using the Wet Powder Spraying Technique

High-Porous Metals Obtained with Pore Forming Agents

HIP Process for Open Porosity Powder Metallurgical Composite

Porous Powder Matrerials for Effective Cleaning Gases and Liquids

Application of the Powder Mettallurgy Route for the Processing of Aluminium Foam

Definition of Porosity by the Method of Eddy Currents

Porous Materials with Increased Porosity and Pore Sizes made of Titanium Powder and Granules

Microhardness as a Measure of Uniformity of Porous Tungsten

Open-Cell Foam-Structure Materials as Advantageous Catalyst Supports

Deformability and Fracture Behaviour of Sintered Porous Stainless Steels

Semi-production and Articles of Foamed Aluminum prodeuced by a Powder Metallurgy Technique

Comparative Study of Processing Methods of Superhard Composites for Diamond Tool Matrix

Advance in Laser Welding for Cutting Diamond Tools Production

New Development of Diamond Tools Characterisation

Manufacture of New Materials with Higher Damping Ability for Superhard Cutting Tools

Natural Sintering of Diamond Tools

Diamond Grit Brit of Increasing Working Life with Strong Chemical Fastening of Cutting Elements in Matrix

Superhard Boride Composite Materials

Engineering of Metal-Bonded Diamond Composites

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