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Euro PM2001 Proceedings: Volume 2

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  • : 2001

Euro PM2001 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 2.

This download contains the following papers:

Comparative Analysis of Different Materials for High Performance Applications using a Specific Gear Testing Machine

New Bench for the Development of a Synchroniser Function

The Synchronizer Function in Powder Metallurgy

Heat-Optimised Tools for the Production of Special Glasses Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy

Composite Materials for Crude Petroleum Extraction

Soft Magnetic Materials for Automative Aplications

Approaching PM Technology from a Gear Manufacturer’s Perspective

The Impact of e-Business on Relationships between Customer and Supplier

Design Optimisation of the PM Camshaft Pulley: Conception, Verification and Validation

Sprockets for "High Performance" Engines

Corrosion of CuZn-42 Brass in Sodium Sulphate with Addition of Chloride and Cu(II)-ions of Various Concentrations

A New Corrosion and Wear-Resistant Titanium, Alloy Reinforced woth Particles

Concepts and Required Materials Data for Fatique Design of PM Components

Fatique Properties of Cu-C Alloyed PM Steel at Two Density levels

Contact Fatique Behaviour of Ni-Cu-Mo Alloyed PM Steels

End User Perspective and the EPMA Property Database Project

Contact Fatique Endurance of Powder Forged Bearing Rings

Optimisation of Properties of Composite Materials Copper-Graphite by Mathematical Modelling

Crystal Structure and Properties of Ring-Formed Specimens of Powder Steels depending on High-Rate Electric Heating

Ferro-Magnetic Electrical Contact Materials for Multichannel Rotating Contact Devices

Preparation and Investigation of Internally Oxidised Ag-based Electrical Contact Materials

Processing and Performance of some Composite Materials with Silver Matrix

Usage of Bimodal MIxtures in the Creation of Sintered Materials Properties Gradient

Dependence of Commutation Stabiltiy upon the Powder Cooper - Diamond Electrocontact Materials Structure

Investigation of Anneal Hardening Effect in Sintered Copper Alloys

Research on the Quality of the Electric Contacts Based on Tungsten Powder, Performed through Isostatic Pressing

Sintering of New PM Aluminium Alloys: New Sintering Furnace Concept for Stringent Sintering Process Conditions

Alloy Development and Microstructural Evolution during Sintering of a PM AI-Cu-Mg-Si Alloy

Sintering of Ti-AI-Nb Alloys by the Use of Blended Elemental and Master Alloy Powders

The Effects of Iron as a Trace Impurity on the Sintering of 2xxx Series Aluminium Alloys

Materials Obtained by Extrusion of PM AI- 40wt% NI

The Microstructural study of a direct laser deposited Ti alloy

Thermophysical Properties of Alloy on the Basic of AI and SI with Different Powder Components

Microstructure of Laser Fabricated Ti-6AI-4V samples

Effects of Sc Alloying Additions on Structure and Mechanical Properties of PM and Cast High-Strength Al Alloys of same Composition

Effects of Powder Size on Mechanical Properties of Elevated Temperature Aluminuim Alloys produced by Water Atomisation

Semisolid Forming of Ai-10mass%Mg Alloy by Blending of Elemental Powders

An EXperimental and Numerical Approach of Ferrite Slurry Compaction

LaCo-Substituted Ferrite Magnets; Increases Coercivity by Improved Microstructure

The Use of Precipitated Ferrite Powders for Anisotropic Sintered Magnets

Soft Magnetic Iron Composite - New Application Developments

Producing and Properties of some Soft Magnetic Composites with Multi-Components Dielectric

Application of Shock Pressing for the Processing of Bulk Nanocrystalline Nd-Fe-B Magnetics

Embedding SmCo5 Powder in the Coating of Optical Fibres

Nd-Fe-B Alloys Sythesis Structure Properties

The Nanocrystalline High Coercivity FeNdB Powders by Gas Atomisation

Bending Fatique Strength of Distaloy AE

Influence of the Matrix Hardness on Tensile and Impact Properties of PM Steels

Fracture Toughness and Fatique Crack Growth in some PM Steels

Influence of Microstructure and Porosity on Radial Crushing Strenght of 10% Tin Bronze Bearings

Investigation on Effect of Type of Boron Additive on Structure Formation during Sintering of High Manganese PM Steel

Influence of Composition and Process Parameters on the Structure and Properties of Fe-Cu-Mo-C Materials Produced by Compaction and Sintering-hardening

Microstructural Nature of the Mechanical Properties of SIntered Materials

Evaluation of 0.2% Yield Strenght of SiCp/QE22 Mg-Alloy Composites and its Comparison with Predicted Values Based on Various Available Models

On the Annealing of as-Mechanically Alloyed FeCrAI-based Powder

An Approach for Modelling the Mechanical Properties of Sintered Metals using a Physical Concept

Effects of Sintering Temperature on Iron Base Antifriction Alloys

Effects of the Core Content and Density on the Rolling Contact Fatique of Distaloy HP-1

New Concept of the Performance of Copper/ Copper Alloy Nanopowders introduced in Rubbing Contacts

Using of High-Energy Mehods for Production of Nanocrystallic Materials

Production and Thermal Stability of Nanocrystalline Fe and Fe Base Alloys

Hot Compaction of Mechanical Alloyed High Nitrogen Nanocrystalline Stainless Steel Powders by Spark Plasma Sintering

Investigation Technique for Studying Kinetics and Mechanisms of Growth of Metal/Metal Alloy Nanoparticles in the Process of Vapour Phase Condensation

A New Technology of Manufacturing Nanometer Bismuth Oxide Powders

Measurement of Density Variations in Comapcted Parts using X-ray Computerised Tomography

Understanding and Implementing ISO/TS 16949

Activity of W-Powder-A Controlling Parameter for Interconnected Porosity of Sintered Porous W-Bodies

Industrial Applications of FeA140 Grade 3 A High Specific Properties Iron Aluminide

Fabrication and Properties Assessment of HIPped Gas Atomised Titanium Aluminides

Comparison of REP and Gas Atomised Powders of a Pre-alloyed Ti49AI47Cr2Nb2 Titanium Aluminide

Current Status of Technology of PM Superalloys Discs Production for GTE

Influence of Vibration Parameters on Disperse Materials Friction Coefficient

Testing, Measurement and Controls of Metals Graphitics Brushes in Sliding Systems

Advances in Strenght Properties Testing of Sintered Tool Materials

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