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Euro PM2001 Proceedings: Volume 3

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  • : 2001

Euro PM2001 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 3.

This download contains the following papers:

Case Study Integrating Materials Characterisation, Modelling and Validation for a Ferrous Multilevel Component

User Friendliness Aspects of Modelling - Industry Standpoint

Dienet Thematic Network: Development of Input Data

A Numerical Tool for the Prediction of Cracks in PM Components

Modelling of the Spring-Back of Green Compact

Comparision between Triaxial Results and Models Prediction with Special Consideration of the Anisotropy

Dienet Thematic Network: Computer Simulation Development

Advances in Finite Element Modelling of Die Compaction at CIMNE

Defects Formation in Die Compaction Prediction and Numerical Anaylsis

Green Turning of Warm Compacted PM Steels

Laboratory Processing of Fe-Mo-Cr-C-(B) Steels to 7.6g/cc Sintered Density

The Influence of the Microstructure on the Fracture Toughness of Cold Work Tool Steels

Effects of Niobium on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of PM High Speed Steels

Utilisation of Various Deformation Schemes for Production of Hot Forged Powder parts

Impact Resistance and Properties of High Density PM Stainless Steel

High Pressure Cell for Isostatic Pressing of Ceramic Powders

MIM Process Factors Affecting Dimensional Tolerances

Feedstock Development for Micro Powder injection Moulding

Experimental and numerical analyses of powder segregation in metal injection moulding

Catakytic Binder Removal in Theory and Practice

Comaparative study of different simulation programs for modelling of Powder Injection Moulding

Powder Injection Moulding of Bi-Metal Components

Effects of Some Technological Parameters on the Properties of Injection Molded and Sintered Powder Materials

On the use of Gas and Water Atomised 316L Powder Blends in PIM

Industrial Plasma Reactor for Processing MIM Parts

Metal Powder Comapcting Dies: Numerical Optimisation of the Design

Monitoring of Die Wear During Pressing of Steel Powders

The Effect of a rubber mould on densification and deformation of metal powder during warm Isostatic pressing

A Pressure-Density Relation in Continuum Mechanics

Densification Peculiarities and Mechanical Properties of Powder Low-Alloyed Steel produced by Warm Comapaction of Green Blanks

Densification behaviour of titanium alloy powder by plastic and creep deformation at high temperature

Generator for Convenient Preparation and Optimisation of Flow Charts for Multi-level Components Pressed on DORST closed-Loop Controlled Hydraulic Automatic Presses

The Perspectives of Using Superparamagnetic Resonance in Wet Pressing of High Anisotropic Sr Oxide Powder Magnets

Effects of a Thermal Annealing on the Mechanical Behaviour of Green PM Compacts

Compaction and Embossing of Metal Powder to Produce Microstructured Surface

New Generation of Presses for the Hardmetal Industry to Produce Carbide Tips with Maximum and Minimum set-up Time

Viscosity Measurement during Sintering of Iron-Based Powder Compacts

Identification of a Viscoplastic Constitutive Equation by the Use of Hot Die Pressing

Numerical Prediction of the Final Shape of a Test part Formed By HIP

Compaction Modelling: Mesh Generation and its Influence on Simulation Results

EU Thematic Network ‘Dienet’: Modelling of Powder Die Compaction

A Fundemental Study of Die Filling

In-Situ Observation of Compaction Behaviour of NdFeB Magnetic Powder after Application of Magnetic Field

Industrial Use of Finite Element Simulation as a Design Tool and its Experimental Verification for a Development of Iron Powder Compacted Part

Numerical Simulation of the Compaction Process for a Flanged Bearing

Numerical Simulation of Powder Compacting Processes through Hydrostatics Extrusion

Prediction of the Dimensional Changes during Sintering using Backpropagation Algorithm

Modelling of damage development during cold pressing of powders

Advance in Material Issues for Direct Metal Laser Sintering

PM Prototype Component Manufacturing Using Direct Metal Laser Sintering

New Features in Three Dimensional Printing of Metal Powders

Obtainable Densities and Contours Depending on Layer Thickness during Elelctric Contact Sintering of Iron Powder

SHS Composite Powders for Powder Industry

Iron Aluminide Powder Produced by the Method of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis

Synthesis of La2Mg17-Lani5 for Hydrogen Storage Applications by Mechanical Alloying

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