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Euro PM2001 Proceedings: Volume 4

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  • : 2001

Euro PM2001 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 4.

This download contains the following papers:

Nitrogen Behaviour on Mechanical Alloying and Hot Compaction of High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel Type Powder Materials

Processing and Microstructure of Mechanically Alloyed Nb-V-AI Alloys

Mechanical Alloying of ODS-Copper

Modelling of Mechanical Alloying

Cu-SiC Composites for Thermal Management Application prepared for Powder Metallurgy

Development of Cu-Based MMC to be Applied for Commutator Rings in DC Motors

A Thermodynamic Approach to the Processing of Metal Matrix Composites In-Situ Particulate Reinforced

Influence of Nb3AI and NbAI3 Intermetallics Additions on Properties of Hot Extruded Aluminium Powders

Electroconductivity of Porous Composites having Distinctly Nonhomogeneous Phase Components

Comparison between Convetional PM Route and Casting Method to obtain AMCs Reinforced with Ti-AI Particles

Interface Studies in Metallic matrix Wc-W2c-Ni and W-Ni Infiltrated by the Cu-Sn-Mn as binder in‘SILP‘ Process

Development of AI-Si-Mg Alloys reinforced with Boron Carbide Particles

Fabrication of Titamium/Hydroxyapatite Composite by Hot-Pressed Method

Dimensional Relation Concerning an Ideal Binary Blend of Particles Conceived to Obtain a Continuous Network out of One of the components

Cr-20Ti-10C Particulate Metal Matrix Composites

An Analysis of the Gas Atomisation Process

Economical and Technical Advantages of Innovation large Scale Metal Powder Production Systems

Sub-um Cooper Powder

Improvements in Bonding of Press-Ready Low-Alloy Steel Powder Mixes

Fully Dense PM Tools Steels and High Speed Steels with 3rd Generation Processing Technology

Fabrication of Nanostructured, Submicronic Metals Powders By Double Ultrasonic Atomisation

TheOxidation of Mechanically Alloyed Powders during Powder heat Treatment and its Effect on Consolidation Efficiency and Alloy Purity

Selenium Powder Production from Anode Slime

Copper CuB4C Composites Prepared by Mechanical Alloying and Hot Pressing and Rolling or Hot Isostatic Pressing

Preparation of Si3N4/SiC Based Nanocomposites

Metal Powder Production in Ukraine: Difficulties and Perspectives

Copper Powder Electrolytical Production of Assigned Characteristics

Selection of Cathode Types in Copper Powder Production

On the Properties of Prealloyed Fe-Mn-C Water Atomised Powders

Use Prefilm Nozzle for Fine Powders Production

Development of New Procedures and Devices for Metallic Melt Disintegration using Specific Methods of Engineering Creativity

Preparation of Nanodisperse Transition Metals Carbonitrides by the Plasmachemical Method

Hot Gas Atomisation

Morphologis of Coarse Tungsten powder

Reactive Sintering of NiAI-AI203 and NiAI-SiC Composites

Direct Synthesis of Aluminium Nitrate (AIN)

Ecological Degreasing in Powder Metallurgy

Study of Sintering Parameters of Fe-Cu-C Compacts

Effects of Product and Process Parameters on Dimensional Stability of Sinyter Hardened Materials

Materials and Furnaces for Sinteringhardening

Thermodynamic Characteristics of transportation between Medium and Treated Materials

Sintering Hardening of Fe-Mn-C Steels

Microtomography Investigation of Metal Powder Sintering: Some Preliminary Results

Deformation Velocity of Thin Sheets Porous Materials Deformed by Air Blasting

Energy Deformation of Thin Plates made of Porous Materials Stressed by Implusive Loads

The Influence of the Sintering Enviroment on the Properties of WCuNi Electrical Contacts

High Temperature Sintering of Sintering Steel

Precision Multiopertional Cold Forging of th Powder Rings

A Study of the Steam Treatment of SIntered Ferrous Parts using Advanced X-ray Diffraction

Tribology of Powedered Materials Impregnated with Fullerine-Like Solid Lubricants

Influence of Nitrocarburising and Carbonitriding Treatments on Wear Resistance and Properties ofAstaloy CrM and Distalloy AB Sintering Steels

Surface Characteristics of Duplex Coated PM M2 Grade High Speed Steel

A Comparasion between Hot Pressed and Sintered HSS-MoS2-based Composites

Effects of Calcination Parameters on Ceria Crystals Growth

Preparation and Characterisation of Ceramics Nano-Scale Multi-Layered Structure

Hypervelocity Powder Deposition by Magnetic Flux Compression Devices

Microstructure of a-C Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering under Ion Bombardment

Properties and Erosion Resistance of HVOF Deposited Coatings

Novell Silicide-Type Protective Coating for Niobium Base Alloys Employed in Aerospace Applications

Study of Wear Process of the SiC Whsiker Reinforced Silicon Carbide Composite Materials

The Surface Layer of the PM Alloy Steel after Vacuum Carburizing and Gas Quenching

Wear Resistant Alloys witth Low Tin Content

Tribological Properties of Boron Liquid Phase Sintered Fe-Mn-C Steels

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