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Euro PM2003 Proceedings: Volume 1

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2003 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 1.

This download contains the following papers:

Plenary Presentations

Future Requirements for Component Manufacturers
Christine M. Garramone, C.P.M

A Personal View Of The Future Of Ferrous PM In Europe
Per Lindskog

European New Chemicals Policy: Impact on the Powder Metallurgy Industry
Peter Brewin, Mike Morley

Functionally Graded Materials

Homogeneous and Functionally Graded TiC0.5N0.5 Based Composites Shaped by Electrophoretic Deposition
K Vanmeensel, G Anné, S Put, D Jiang, J Vleugels, O Van der Biest

Gas/Solid Interactions In The Evolution Of Graded Microstructures In Hardmetals
A Eder, M Mauger, R Königshofer, W Lengauer, K Dreyer, D Kassel, H-W Daub, H van den Berg

Nanocrystalline (Ti,W)(CN)-based Cermets for Cutting Tool Applications
S Park, S Kang

Reliable Thermally Sprayed Coatings by Optimization of Residual Stresses
M Escribano, R Gadow

Hard Materials

Synthesis Of Carbides And Nitrides Materials, Obtained From Ceramics S.H.S Starting Powders
J Russias, S Cardinal, G Fantozzi, K Bienvenu, G Bienvenu, J Fontaine

Microstructure Study of Submicron WC Powder and WC-Co Alloys
S Lay, R Koesters

Fracture Toughness - Fatigue Sensitivity Relationship for PM Tool Materials: Cemented Carbides and High Speed Steels
L Llanes, Y Torres, S Rodríguez, A Mateo, M Anglada

Densification of Cemented Carbide Alloys During Sintering
Anders Petersson, John Ågren

The Mechanisms Of Material Separation At Steel And Concrete Material
B Denkena, H K Tönshoff, J C  Becker, J Bockhorst, H  Hillmann-Apmann

Guiding Pads for Deep Hole Drilling Tools Made of Diamond Dispersed Carbides
Detlef Gonia, Prof Dr Klaus Weinert,  Michael Hagedorn

Applications for Diamond Coated Hardmetal Tools
Arno Köpf, Klaus Voigt

Study Of The Relation Between Hardness, Toughness And Resistance To Wet Abrasion In Diamond Segments
Daniele Ugues, Marco Actis Grande, Mario Rosso

Using Coated Diamonds In Diamond Impregnated Tools
J A  Engels, D  Egan

Surfaces Formability of PM Materials by Lapping
Prof A Barylski

Heat Treatment of Sintered Functionally Graded Ti(C,N)-WC-Co Cermets in Nitrogen Atmospheres
I Gugglielmi, V Martínez,  M Alvarez,  A Ordóñez, J M Sánchez , F Castro

Synthesis of Nanostructured WC Powders by Chemical Vapor Condensation Process
G H Ha,  B K Kim

Technology For Production Of Nano-Materials By Fine Milling Of Used Ceramic Targets And Consolidation Of Powders In Conditions Of Intense Power Treatment
A F Ilyuschenko, V V Savich, L P  Pilinevich, M V  Tumilovich, S G Barai A A Shevchonok

Dual Compounds "Cemented Carbide+Steel" Produced by Diffusion Bonding
H Klaasen, J Kübarsepp, A Laansoo, M Viljus

Influence of the Structure of Superhard Coatings (c-BN+h-BN) on Durability of Cutting Tool Edges
Maciej Kupczyk, Witold Misiak
Application of Special Interfacial Layers to Improve Adhesion of Superhard Coatings to Cutting Edges
Maciej Kupczyk

Resistance to Fracture Toughness of Boron Nitride Coatings
Maciej Kupczyk

Cutting Force and Tool Wear in Stone Machining by Sintered Diamond Tool
S Turchetta, L Carrino, W Polini

Sintering Kinetics And Thermal Analysis Of Alternative Low-Cobalt Powders For Diamond Tools
Jarmo Ylikerälä, Michael Gasik

High Alloy Steels

Ferritic Stainless Steel for High Density Applications
Ricardo Canto Leyton

Influence Of Oxidation Temperature On The Behaviour Of Sintered Ferritic Stainless Steels
A González-Centeno , F Velasco , A Bautista  , J M Torralba

Iron Based Materials With Improved Oxidation Resistance Prepared By Powder Metallurgy
Thomas Weissgaerber; Lothar Schneider; Bernd Kieback

Influence of Compaction Pressures and Sintered Atmospheres on Pitting Corrosion of Post Sintered Heat Treatment PM Austenitic Stainless Steel
C García, F Martín, P de Tiedra, L García Cambronero

Development Of Hcx Stainless Steel - Based Materials For Its Application As Valve Seat Inserts In Diesel Engines
N Khattab, E Gordo, J M Torralba, V Trabadelo, I Iturriza

PM High Speed Steels – The Effect of Ceramic Additions and Process Methods on Fatigue Behaviour
A J Gant, R Morrell

Study Of The Sintering Behaviour Of Pm Hss Under Nitrogen Atmospheres: Application To Alloy Design
S Giménez, I Iturriza

Low Alloy Steels

Study Of Gas Solid Interactions During Sintering Of Cr-Containing PM Steels
F Castro, P Ortiz

De-Gassing And Reduction During Sintering Of High Density PM Steels
Herbert Danninger, Chen Xu

Porosity Evaluation in High Performance Steels
L Blanco, M Campos, J M Torralba

Influence Of Sintering Temperature On The Mechanical Properties Of Boron Alloyed Astaloy Crm Powders
J Kazior, T Pieczonka, J Płoszczak, M Nykiel

Properties of Prealloyed Mo Steels Admixed with Extra-Fine Ni Powder
T F Stephenson, S T Campbell, T Singh

Impact Behaviour of High Density Low Alloyed PM Steels
V Stoyanova, A Molinari

Rolling Contact Fatigue Design Aspects of Surface Densified PM Components
L Fordén, S Bengtsson, K Lipp, C M Sonsino

Instrumented Impact Behaviour of 1.5%Mo Alloyed Sintered Steels
Herbert Danninger, Gerald Gelbmann, Giovanni Straffelini

Chromium-Alloyed PM Steels with Excellent Fatigue Properties Obtained by Different Process Routes
Ola Bergman

Plasma Carburising of a Low Alloyed Chromium and Molybdenum Steel
T Marcu Puscas, Yang Yu, W Gräfen, A. Molinari

Tensile Strength of Heat-Treated PM Steels
G Straffelini, C Menapace, A Molinari

Dry Sliding Behaviour At Elevated Temperature Range Of Fe-Cr-Mo-C Sintered Steels
M Campos, I Billa, J M Torralba

Residual Stresses in Sintered PM Steels
Eldar Fetullayev, Cetin Karatas, Suleyman Saritas, Robert Causton, W Brian James, Alan Lawley

Fatigue Properties of Diffusion-bonded Molybdenum Steel Powders for High Strength Applications
Guido Olschewski, Gregor Nitsch

Effect of Mean Stresses on the Endurable Amplitude of Sintered Iron and Steel
Paul Beiss
The Hardenability of Some PM Materials: An Evaluation Through an Instrumented Jominy Test
Gian Filippo Bocchini, Andrea Baggioli, Barbara Rivolta, Giuseppe Silva

Induction Hardening Of Sintered Steels: Novel Potentiality
Mario Rosso, Sara Guelfo, Marco Actis Grande

Wear Progress During Green Drilling Of High Strength PM Steels
Andreas Benner, Paul Beiss

Effect Of Matrix Characteristics On The Properties Of Infiltrated Steels
C Menapace, A Molinari, P Costa

PM Steels

A Study of the Repassivation of AISI 304 Steel Surfaces Using Electrochemical Impedance Techniques
E A Villegas,  J A Giosa, C R De Araújo

Powder Iron-Copper Materials obtained by Liquid Infiltration: Computer Modelling and Experiment
V M Gorokhov, L N Dyachkova,  A Ilyuschenko, G P Ustinova, E V Zvonarev

Processing And Characterisation Of PM T42 HSS For Its Application As Valve Seat Inserts In Diesel Engines
V Trabadelo, C Zubizarreta, S Gimenez , I Iturriza, N Khattab, E Gordo

Tests to Obtain Sintered Cr, Ni, Mo Alloyed Iron Base Materials, using Powder Metallurgy Processing
Mariana Lucaci, Stefania Gavriliu, Elena Enescu, Paula Lungu, Adela Bara, Vasile Eugeniu

Vanadium Using As Microalloying Element In Sintered Structural Steels
Magdalena Orban

Thermal Stability Of Nitride Phases In Fe-2ti Sintered Alloys
S Harizanova, T Pieczonka, E Ruseva, R Rusev, D Decheva, M Stoytchev

The Use of a Solid C7H7 as a Carbon Carrier for Sintered Astaloy 85Mo Steel
T Pieczonka, J Georgiev, M Stoytchev, S C Mitchell, D Teodosiev,  S Gyurov

Gas Atomisation - Blowing Hot And Cold!
P H Newbatt, W G Hopkins

The Effect Of Cooling Rate On The Structure And Mechanical Properties Of Sinter-Hardened Fe-(3-4)Mn-0,8C PM Steels
Dr Maciej Sulowski, Dr Andrzej Cias

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