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Euro PM2003 Proceedings: Volume 2

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2003 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 2.

This download contains the following papers:

Aluminium Alloys / Metal Matrix Composites

Wear Resistance Of Powder Metallurgy Al-Si Alloys
A Romero , A Larsson, D  Casellas , A Beltran, J M.Prado

Densification of Aluminium Based Complex Alloy Powder through Hot Pressing
K Y Sastry, L Froyen, J Vleugels, O Van der Biest

Influence of the Processing Route on the Microstructure and Properties of PM In-situ Reinforced Al/Al3Ni Composites
Teresa Marcelo, M Helena Carvalho

A Thermodynamic And Technologic Approach To The Reactive Processing Of Composites
Radu L Orban

Study on Boron Carbide Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites Powder Metallurgy Processed
D Busquets-Mataix, V Amigo, N Martínez, L Gómez, M D Salvador

Influence of Trace Elements and Reinforcement Additions to the Liquid Phase Sintering of 2xxx Series Aluminum Alloys
M L Delgado, E M Ruiz-Navas, J M Torralba

Characterisation of Hot Extruded AA6061+5%B4C+Ni-Graphite Material for Dry Lubrication Sliding Bearings
L E G Cambronero,  J M Ruiz-Román, J M  Ruiz-Prieto

Mechanical Characterization of Powder Extruded AlFeVSi Alloy Composites for High Temperature Application
Ali Kalkanlı , Rıza Gürbüz, Nevzat Akgün, Nikola Stoichev, Nikolay Djulgerov, Tamer Özdemir

Photocatalysis Characteristic of Nano Cu/TiO2 Composite Powders Fabricated from Salt Solution
In Shup Ahn, Bong Seok Ko, Ki Won Kim, Kyu Hwan Lee

Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
E Carreño-Morelli, J Yang, R Schaller , C. Bonjour
Dense Titanium-Hydroxyapatite Composite Biomaterial Prepared by High Velocity Compaction
Mikael Eriksson, Matts Andersson, Erik Adolfsson , Elis Carlström

Tribological Properties of AA2014+15NbAl3 and AA2014+15FeAl2 MMC’s Materials on Extruded Condition and after Anodizing
L E G Cambronero,  J M Ruiz-Román, J M Ruiz-Prieto

Systematic Search Of Low Melting Point Alloys In The Al-Cu-Mg-Zn System
T Gómez-Acebo, J M Martín, F Castro

Rapidly Solidified and Extruded Al-Fe-V-Si Alloy for High Temperature
A Kalkanlı , N Stoichev,  N Djulgerov, S Yaneva, B Ögel

Boron Carbide Based Composites Microstructure and Properties Relationships to Processing Features
L Kommel, J Kybarsepp, H Klaasen

Characterisation of Reinforcement Distribution in Al/SiCp Composites
Jenő Kovács, Zoltán Gácsi, Tadeusz Pieczonka

Hybrid Nial Matrix Composite In-Situ Particulate Reinforced
Radu L. Orban

Silver Based Composite Contact Materials – Investigation of Structure and Erosion
K Wojtasik, W Missol

Case Studies

Use of Finite Element Simulation for Fatigue Life Prediction of Synchroniser Hubs
M Reyre, E Ayax, P Blanchard

Shot Peening Applications On PM Components
Juan Thieuleux , M I C France

Rapid Manufacturing of Dense Stainless Steel Parts by 3D-Printing
Dr Dirk Godlinski, Haiko Pohl, Dr Stéphane Morvan

Green Machining For P/M Applications
J Danaher , L Tremblay , R Armstrong , L Attewell

Optimisation Of Sintered Camshaft Pulleys Using The Finite Elements Method
S Huot, D Play, E Ayax

Processing And Performance Of Pm Synchronizer Rings With Friction Linings
L S Sigl , G Rau , B-R Höhn , H Pflaum

Metal Hollow Sphere Structures in Sound Absorbing Applications
Hartmut Göhler, Ulf Waag, Günter Stephani, Frank Bretschneider, Helmut Venghaus
Impact Of The Design / Manufacturing Process Of PM Components In The Behaviour Of Shock Absorbers For Vehicles
José María Gallego, Eva Villar, Luis Romero

A Success Story On The Use Of Hexagonal BN For Demanding Machinability Applications
J Poirier, S  St-Laurent, E Ilia, M O’Neill, J Lee

Innovative Solutions From EOS For E-Manufacturing To Cope With Current Market Trends
Markus Glasser

Production of Titanium Alloy with Low Modulus of Elasticity by Powder Metallurgy (PM) Techniques
V A R Henriques, C A A Cairo, C R M Silva, J C C Bressiani

Diffusion Bonding Of Component Parts Of Stages For Centrifugal Pumps
Ступеней Центробежных Насосов, A Rabinovich , M Melnikov

New System to Reduce Shock Absorber Rod Guide Friction
Jordi Macarulla, Jesús Acedo

Magnetic Materials

Magnetic And Thermal Properties Of Dielectromagnets  From Nd-Fe-B Powder And From Mixture Of Powders
Barbara Ślusarek

Innovative Electric Devices Using Iron-Polymer Materials
K S Narasimhan, M L Marucci

Soft Magnetic Iron Powder Materials AC Properties and their Application in Electrical Machines
Lars-Olov Pennander, Alan G Jack

Dielectromagnetic Cores for Resolvers
Lech Długiewicz , Bogumił Węgliński

Sintered Soft Magnetic Cores for Electromagnetic Brakes and Couplings
Elena Enescu, Paula Lungu, Stelian Marinescu

Microstructural and Mechanical Effects of a MM38.2Co46.4Ni15.4 Alloy Additions to a Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnet
H R  Madaah Hosseini , A Kianvash

The Effects Of Oxygen Content On Sintering Behavior And Magnetic Properties Of A Nd12.8Fe79.8B7.4– Type Sintered Magnet
H R Madaah Hosseini , A Kianvash

Lithium Ferrite For Microwave Patch Antenna Application
Nitendar Kumar,Takeshi Fukusako, Keisuke Inoue, Nagahisa Mita
How to Improve Remanence in Anisotropic Sintered Ferrites Produced with Co-precipitated Powders
Daniel Rodrigues, Suzilene Real Janasi, João  Guilherme Rocha Poço, João Carlos Silva Onelli, Paulo Henrique Chagas

Mechanical Alloying

Solid-Solution-Formation by MM of the Ag-70at%Cu Alloy
H Zoz, S Morales, D Jaramillo V

Formation of Intermetallic Nanostructures in Lightweight Ti-Mg-Si Alloys by Mechanical Alloying and Subsequent Consolidation
L Dias , B Trindade , Sunil Patankar , Cameron Draney , FH Froes

Production and Characterisation of Mechanical Alloyed Ti-Si Powders Coated with Ti and Al by Sputtering and Compacted by HIP
F Simões, B Trindade, J A Santos

Mechanically Milled Aa6061/(Ti3al)P Mmc Reinforced With Intermetallics
M Adamiak, J B Fogagnolo, E M Ruiz-Navas, L A Dobrzański, J M Torralba

Improvement in the Sinterability of MA Al Through the Addition of a Small Amount of Elemental Mg
Enrique J Herrera, José A Rodríguez, José J Fuentes

Assessment of Horizontal Attritor in the Manufacture of Al-C Synthesized Composites via Mechanical Alloying
Bülent Bostan, A.Tamer Özdemir, Ali Kalkanli , Rıza Gürbüz , Selçuk Aktürk

HKP Using Carrier-gas Assisted Discharging
H Zoz, H Ren, H U Benz, T Suzuki, H Ikehata, T Saito

Comparative Routes Of Solid-Solution-Formation By MM Of Ag-70Cu (At%)
H Zoz, I Vernet , D Jaramillo V

Porous Materials

Porous Metal Sheets Made By Tape Casting Of Metal Powders
M Bram, R Kauert, H P Buchkremer, D Stöver

Thermal, Mechanical and Fluid Flow Properties of Open-Porous Sintered Metallic Fibre Structures
Olaf Andersen, Cris Kostmann, Günter Stephani

Porous Tungsten with Controlled Porosity by Low Temperature Sintering
C Selcuk, R Bentham, N Morley, J V Wood
The Role of the Apparent Density on the Permeability of Porous Stainless Steel Parts
Daniel Rodrigues, João Pedro Tosetti, Flávio Beneduce, Lucio Salgado, Francisco Ambrozio

Obtention Of Tial Based Porous Materials By SHS (Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis)
M Gutierrez, I Agote, M Besné, S Kharatyan,  A Sargsyan

Optimization Of Pore Structure Of Filters Made Of Metallic Powders
V V Maziuk, L P Pilinevich, A L Rak

Formation Of Highly-Effective Porous Permeable Materials With Centrifugal Forces
L P Pilinevich, M V Tumilovich, A M Taraikovitsch, A V Petrakov

Investigations Of The Process For Porous Powder Materials (PPM) Production By The Method Of Forming A Metal Powder With A Pore-Former At Vibration
A L Rak, L P Pilinevich, G A Sheko, M V Tumilovich, A M Taraikovitsch

Electroless Nickel Plating of Atomised and Sponge Iron Compacts
F Sánchez , A Bolarín , O Coreño , J Coreño , P Molera , J A Bas

Implants of Sponge Titanium Powder with Anisotropic-Porous Structure to Cure Defects of Cervical and Thoracic Vertebrae Bodies
V V Savich, L P Pilinevich, M V Tumilovich, E D Beloenko , A V Babkin, A N Mazurenko

Effect of Recrystallisation on Porous Tungsten in Relation to Sintering Swelling
C Selcuk, R Bentham, N Morley, J V Wood

Ceramic Composites with Nano-Components: Structure and Application
P A Vityaz, L V Sudnik

Testing, Measurement & Control

Influence Of Graphite Addition To Bronze Powder On Tribological Properties Of Self-Lubricating Bearings Impregnated With A Fluorinated Oil
P Savelli, F Forniglia, P Costa, W Pahl

Elastic Behaviour Under Compressive Stresses States Of Sintered Metallic Parts
M D Riera, I Marbá,  J M Prado

On Line Measuring in PM complex Parts by Conoscopic Holography
Néstor Martínez , César Fraga , Ignacio Alvarez , Jorge Marina

Crack Detection Non-Destructive Tests
Rafael Montoliu, Alberto Navarro

Electrical And Mechanical Testing Of PM Silver Based Materials For Electrical Contacts
A Bonhomme, A Koster, Y Bienvenu, L Remy, D Surun, M Leclercq, C Jarrige
Creep Of Copper-Nickel Mixture Powder Compacts During The Solid Solution Formation
R C Ivanus, I Pascu

Corrosion Behaviour of Sintered Ti-6Al-4V
F Velasco, A Bautista, C Moral, G Blanco, V Amigó, M E Isabel

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