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Euro PM2003 Proceedings: Volume 3

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2003 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 3.

This download contains the following papers:


Practical Needs for Simulation of Powder Compaction
Eberhard Ernst, Robert Maassen

Comparison of Frictional Behaviour Between Powders and a Range of Die Materials
D T Gethin, D Korachkina, J H Tweed

Powder Compaction Behaviour : Taking Account Of Intrinsic Powder Characteristics For Suitable Modelling
V Bonnefoy, P Doremus

Measurement of Powder Flow
D M M Guyoncourt, J H Tweed

Low Pressure Compaction In An Instrumented Die
Ludwig Schneider and Alan Cocks

Powder Transfer Modelling in Powder Compaction Processes
J C Cante, J Oliver, C Gonzalez, J A Calero , F Benitez

Numerical Simulation of the Double Step Pressing of a Crown Gear
O Coube, H Riedel, W Barth, A Flaig, H P Koch

Compaction Modelling : Comparison between two FEM Codes for Process Simulation
D Imbault, P Doremus, L Federzoni

Production And Characterisation Of A Hardmetal Flanged Bushing For A Compaction Modelling Study
J H Tweed , W Markeli , A Leuprecht , J-F Lartigue , A C F Cocks, L S Schneider , D M M Guyoncourt , O Coube ,  P Brewin

Yield Response of Green Compacts – Experiments and Models
Ludwig Schneider, Alan Cocks

A Complete Study of the Die Compaction of a Flanged Bushing – From the Powder Characterisation to the Validation of the Numerical Simulation
O Coube, L Federzoni, J Cante, M Oldenburg, Y Chen, D Imbault, P Dorémus, J Tweed, A Leuprecht, W Markeli, P Brewin
Fem Optimisation Of Twice Shrink-Fitted Dies In Metal Powder Compacting
E Armentani, G F Bocchini, G Cricrì, R Esposito

Grain Growth Inhibitors in Nanostructured Materials: Experiments and Modelling
M T Clavaguera-Mora , N. Clavaguera , J Rodriguez-Viejo  and J J Suñol

Analysis of Densification Behaviour During Roll Pressing of DRI Powder with Flat Roller and Indentation-type Roller
Hyung-Jun Chang, Heung Nam Han, Kwang-Hee LEE, Sang-Hoon Joo, Kyu Hwan Oh

Impregnation Modeling of Complex Shape PM Parts
A I Rabinovitch, D A Oschepkov

Elastoplastic Simulation of Contacts Among Particles in Granular Materials
M D Riera and J M Prado

Prediction of Non-Homogeneous Densification in Compaction and Shrinkage Distortion in Sintering by FEM Simulation
S Shamasundar, V Janardhana

WC-Co Sintering Kinetics By In Situ Optical Dilatometry For Determination Of The Parameters For Further Modelling
Baosheng Zhang, Michael Gasik

Computer Design And Technological Maintenance Of Composite Powders Manufacturing On Functional Dependences In Threefold  Systems
V G  Lyulko,  B B Jmailov,  A O Lebedev, I E Artamonov

Mathematical Model Of Vibrations As An Element Of Regulation Of Ability To Live In PM
Dr Bessarion Meschi ,  Dr V Gerbert, Prof V Ilyasov

Effect Of Cobalt Content Gradients On Hardness Of Wc-Co Coatings: Finite Element Simulations
Zhi-Hui Xu, John Ågren

Powder Injection Moulding

Micro Moulding Of Material Combinations To Avoid Assembly
Astrid Rota, Philipp Imgrund, Frank Petzoldt

Two-Component Ceramic Parts by Micro Powder Injection Moulding
G Örlygsson, V Piotter, G Finnah, R Ruprecht, J Haußelt

New Developments in MIM Sintering and Debinding Furnaces
Dr S Krug

Application Of Sintering Support For Powder Injection Moulding Process
Dr Li Qingfa, Ms Zhang Suxia, Dr Ian E. Pinwill, Dr Choy Chee Mun

Powder And Feedstock Property Variations And Their Influence On The Precision Of PIM Components
R Zauner, C Binet, D Heaney , G Korb

New Advances in Copper Based Materials for MIM
Dr K Pischang , U Birth , M Franke

Metal Injection Moulding Of Niti Components With Shape Memory Behaviour
L Krone, E Schüller, M Bram, H-P Buchkremer, D Stöver

Numerical Simulation of Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) Process of Metal-Loaded Polymers Into a Shallow Cavity
F Bernal, G Herranz, M Kindelan, B Levenfeld, L. Bonilla, J M Torralba

Thermal Processing of the Injection Moulded M2 High Speed Steel (M2 HSS) Investigated by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy
G Herranz, M A Monge, B Levenfeld, R Pareja , J M Torralba

PIM - Influences on Surface Quality of PIM Parts
C Kukla , H. Loibl

Metal Injection Moulding of Nickel Base Superalloys for  High Temperature Applications
Hans Wohlfromm, Annette Ribbens, Johan ter Maat, Martin Blömacher

Assessment of Sinter-Joining in Powder Injection Moulded Component
S X  Zhang, Q F Li, M K Ho, K K Tong

An Investigation on the Strength-Porosity Relation in Sintered 17-4 PH STS Produced by Powder Injection Molding Process
Tae Kwon Ha, Hwan-Jin Sung, Sanho Ahn, Young Won Chang

Powder Compaction

Influence of Die Filling and Powder Transfer on the Density Distribution After Compaction
Olivier Coube, Alan C F Cocks, Chuan-Yu Wu

Improved Fill Density Data for the Simulation of Compaction
J A Calero, M J Dougan, L Allut, F Benitez

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Die Filling and Powder Transfer
C-Y Wu , A C F Cocks

Press Capacity Improvements Utilizing Starmix™ Powder
Daniel Edman, Hilmar Vidarsson, Björn Johansson

Innovative Powder Compacting Technology
Alex Wehrli, Daniel Felber, Daniel Pfister

The New Generation of Hydraulic Presses - The Progress of the Forming Process using Powder Presses
Lutz Lackner
Comparison of Shape, Dimensions and Microstructure of Fe Based Parts Compacted by High Velocity or Conventional Compaction
P Doremus, F Doré, C H Allibert, V Bonnefoy, G Puente, L Lazzarrotto

Optimised Design Parameters for Twice Shrink-Fitted Dies in Plane Stress Conditions  
E Armentani, G F Bocchini, G Cricri, R Esposito

Elimination of the Lubricant in Metal Powder Compacts
A Bolarín, F Sánchez, A Martínez, O Coreño, J A Bas, P Molera

High Velocity Compaction of Titanium Powder
Mikael Eriksson, Matts Andersson, Elis Carlström

Overview of the Recent Developments in Rhenium and Rhenium-Containing Alloys
Todd Leonhardt, Don Mitchell, James Downs, Nancy Moore

Elaboration and Characterisation of Mixing of Partially Stabilised Zirconia with a Conductive Phase
A Pasquiou, C Bonjour

Improved Green Strength Opens Up Possibilities For Green Machining
Maria Ramstedt, Olof Andersson

Microstructural Investigations of Hot Pressed Cobalt
Andrzej Romanski, Anna Zielinska-Lipiec, Wiktoria Ratuszek, Hanna Frydrych, Janusz Konstanty

Cold Compaction of Powders with Different Particle Size Distribution
Olle Skrinjar, Per-Lennart Larsson

Powder Production

Ultrasonic Atomization Of Metallic Melts : Modeling And Case Studies
Giulio Caccioppoli, Bernard Clausen, Christian Bonjour

Argon Atomized Superalloys for Jet Engine Discs
L M Bianchi

Surface Analysis of Gas Atomized High Speed Steel Powder
Henrik Borgström, Lars Nyborg

Rapid Prototyping

Modelling the Thermal History of Components Produced by Direct Laser Fabrication
L Qian, J Mei, J Lin, X Wu

Laser Engineered Net Shaping TM – Technology, Applications and Opportunities
Dr M Hedges

Direct Selective Laser Sintering of Tool Steel Powders to High Density
S Akhtar, C S Wright , M Youseffi, C Hauser, T H C Childs, C M Taylor, M Baddrossamay, J Xie, P Fox, W O'Neill

Direct Metal Laser Sintering In Rapid Manufacturing
J Kotila, J-E Lind, T Syvänen, O Nyrhilä, J Hänninen

Sintering and Laser Sintering

Sintering Processes of W-Cu Powder with Submicron Size Microstructure
F Doré, C L Martin, S Lay, C H Allibert

Sinter processes for steel P/M components in various furnace atmospheres
Darius Geldner, Lukas Schwarz

Sintering of Copper by Microwave Hybrid Heating
S Aravindan, V Ruban, R Krishnamurthy

Processing And Characterization Of Shape-Memory-Alloys Synthesized From Niti Pre-Alloyed Powders
B Bertheville, S Martinerie , J.-E Bidaux

The Fractal Analysis as a Measure of the Sintering Degree of PM Materials
G F Bocchini, C Alippi, A Baggioli, B Rivolta

Sintering of Nanodisperse Powders in a Solar Furnace
N Zhilinska, I Zalite, J Rodriguez, D Martinez, I Cañadas

Effect of Ternary Additions such as Iron on Microstructure, Mechanical Behaviour at Room Temperature and High Temperature Oxidation Resistence of the Intermetallic NiAl in Reactive Sintering
G P Cammarota, A Casagrande

The Structure Formation Peculiarities of Bimetal "Steel - Bronze" with Powder Working Layer during Hot Deformation
V Yu Dorofeyev, Yu.G.Dorofeyev

Dense Fe-Co and Fe-Co-Ni Alloys via Short Distance Infiltration
J Karwan-Baczewska, I Gotman , E Y Gutmanas

On-Site Generation for Sintering Furnace Atmospheres
Guido Plicht, Rob Edwards, Rob Mills, John Frey

Improving Mechanical Properties of Direct Metal Laser Sintered Parts by Heat Treatment
Haiko Pohl, Frank Petzoldt, Abdolreza Simchi , Glauco Malatesta

Indirect Investigation of the Applicability of Ferro Powders for Selective Laser Sintering
M Rombouts, L Froyen

Direct Laser Re-melting of Tool Steels
J W Xie, P Fox, X C Chen, W O’Neill, S Akhtar, CS Wright, M Youseffi, C Hauser, K Dalgarno, T H C Childs

Thermal Spraying and Coatings

Ceramic Coatings and Composites - Product Development and Application in Automotive Engineering
R Gadow

Functional Coatings for High Performance Heavy Diesel Engines
R Gadow, D. López , J Pérez

Thermally Sprayed Coatings on Light Metal Substrates – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Residual Stress Formation during Manufacturing
M Escribano, R Gadow, D Lopez,  M Wenzelburger

Effect of Feedstock Powder Size Fraction on the Nanostructure of Iron Aluminide Coatings Obtained by Thermal Spraying of Milled Powder
Thierry Grosdidier, Gang Ji, Jean-Paul Morniroli, Stéphane Revol, Sébastien Launois

Spray Forming of Homogeneous Bearing Steel Billets using Twin Atomiser
Chengsong Cui, Udo Fritsching, Alwin Schulz , Klaus Bauckhage, Peter Mayr

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