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Euro PM2005 Proceedings: Volume 1

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  • : 2005

Euro PM2005 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 1.

This download contains the following papers:

Sintering I

The Influence of the Atmosphere and Impurities on the Sintering Behaviour of Aluminium
Th. Schubert, T. Pieczonka, S. Baunack, B. Kieback

Liquid-Phase Reactive Sintering of Al-Ti System
G. N. Romanov, P. P. Tarasov, P. K. D'yachkovskiy, A. P. Savitskii , L. S. Martsunova

Asymmetry Effects in Ferrite-Austenite Transformation During Sintering of Carbon-Free Ferrous Alloys
H. Danninger, C. Gierl, V. Vassileva

Structures of Former Particle Boundaries
H. Kuroki, H. Y. Suzuki

Fabrication of TiAl Thin Rod by Means of Traveling Zone Sintering Method
S. Tada, H. Hashimoto, Z. M. Sun

Kinetics of Centrifugal Induction Sintering up the Powder Coatings on Heating of the Internal Surface of the Part with the RFC Inductor
N.N. Dorozhkin, I.A. Sosnovskij, L.J. Vizner

PM Low Alloy Steels I

Effect of Manganese on Properties of Sintered Fe-(1.5, 0.85)Mo-0.5C Steel
M. Selecká, V. Simkulet, R. Keresti, L. Parilák

Wear Phenomena, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cr-Mo-[Mn]-[Cu] Sintered Steels
E.Dudrová, M.Actis Grande, M.Kabátová, M.Kupková, M.Rosso, R.Bidulský

Effect of Phosphorus Addition on Microstructure and Impact Behavior of Cr-Mo Low Alloyed Steels
V.Vassileva, H.Danninger, D.Krecar, H.Hutter

Effect of Temperature on the Sintering Behaviour of a Diffusion Bonded Low Alloyed Steel
C. Menapace, A. De Nicolo, F.Volpin, A. Molinari

Properties of Sintered Manganese Steels Compacted from Sponge and Water Atomised Ferrous Powders
A. Cias, M. Sulowski

Chromium and Manganese Low Alloyed Sintered Structural Steels Obtained from Powder Mixtures
R. L. Orban, L. Brandusan, M. Orban

Comparative Characterisation of P/M Steels Obtained From Nominally Equivalent Powders
G. F. Bocchini, M. G. Ienco, M. R. Pinasco, R. Gerosa, B. Rivolta, G. Silva

Influence of Sintering Conditions on Properties of P/M Steels Based on Cr-Prealloyed Powders
G. F. Bocchini, A. Parodi, M. R. Pinasco, B. Rivolta, A. Silvestri, E. Stagno

Sintering II

Spark Plasma Sintering of Intermetallics and Metal Matrix Composites
J. Schmidt, T. Weissgaerber, T. Schubert, B. Kieback

Simulation of Temperature Evolution During Field Assisted Sintering of Rapidly Solidified Al-Alloy Powder
K.Y.Sastry, K. Vanmeensel, L. Froyen, J.Vleugels, O. Van der Biest, A. Laptev , J. Hennicke

Ni-Aluminide Coatings on Titanium by Microwave Assisted Reactive Sintering
A. Casagrande, G.P. Cammarota, C. Leonelli, G. Poli, P. Veronesi

BEPM Synthesis of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Using Hydrogenated Titanium
O.M. Ivasishin, D.G. Savvakin, I.S. Bielov, V.S. Moxson, V.A. Duz, R. Davies, C. Lavender

The Temperature Control Over Electrodischarge Sintering of Powders of High-Melting Metals with the Help of a Photoemission Pyrometer
K.J. Beljavin , K.N. Kasparov , D.V. Minko , O.O. Kuznechik

The Effect of the Preparing Methods of Ni+Al Powder Blends on Reaction Sintering Features and Properties of NiAl Compacts
N.K. Kazanskaia, K.B. Povarova, A.G. Nickolaev, O.N. Fomina, A.A. Drozdov

Investigation of Composition, Structure and Morphology of Composite Powders Based on Refractory Compounds Produced under Low-Temperature Plasma
N. Rudenskaya, U. Huletski, Y. Aliakseyeu

PM Low Alloy Steels II

Cr-Mn-Mo-Alloyed High Performance Steel via Kerosene Atomised Master Alloy
P. Beiss, R. Wassenberg

Static and Fatigue Properties of High Strength PM-Steels
L. S. Sigl, P. Delarbre, K. Lipp, C. M. Sonsino

Chromium Pre-Alloyed PM Steel for High Structural Performance
A. Bergmark, J. Andersson, S. Bengtsson

High Density Processing of Cr-Si-Ni-Mo Containing Steels
P. King, B. Lindsley, M. Marucci, K. Narasimhan

Comparison of Properties of Prealloyed with Admixed Extra Fine Nickel Steels
T. F. Stephenson, M. Korotkin

Effect of Different Heat Treatments on Microstructure of Ni Added Steels Produced By P/M Method
A. Güral, S. Tekeli , M. Gürü

PM Tool Steels

Surface Processing of the PM Vanadis 6 Steel with Plasma Nitriding and CrN PVD - Coating
P. Jurci, P. Panjan

Room Temperature Elastic Properties of PM Tool Steels
P. Beiss, S. B. P. Subramanian, J. Jain, J. Steiner

K890 MICROCLEAN - A New, Powder Metallurgy Cold Work Tool Steel Combining Wear Resistance and Highest Ductility
H. Makovec, I. Schemmel

Properties of Powder Metallurgical and Spray Formed Tool Steels and Experiences in Powder Pressing Applications
O. Sandberg, L. Jönson

N18 CAGG - An Innovative New PM Material For Precision Hot Forging Dies
M. Pierronnet, J-Y. Moraux, G. Raisson

Mechanical and Wear Behaviour of Tic-Base Cermets Sintered by Different Techniques
H. Klaasen, L. Kollo, J. Kübarsepp

Effect of Chromium on High Temperature Oxidation of Tic-Based Cermets
V.V. Lazaryuk, L.G. Bodrova, V.P. Bodrov

High-Effective Porous Abrasive Material
L. Pilinevich, A. Taraykovich, M. Tumilovich, G. Sheko

Special Pressing Die for PM Bicomponent Parts
St. Radu, M. Didu, M. Mangra, I. Ciupitu

Increasing Sintered Tools Performances in Stone Cutting by Air Cold Plasma Treatment of the Diamonds
S. Turchetta, L. Carrino, L. Sorrentino

Low Alloy Steels III

Effect of Cooling Rates on the Properties of Ni-Mo and Ni-Mo-W Sintered Steels
M. Actis Grande, J. Otreba, E.J. Pallavicini, P. Costa, M. Rosso, L. A. Dobrzanski

An Approach to Austempering for High Performace High Density PM Steels
L. Blanco, M. Campos, J.M. Torralba

Ni-Cu-Mo Interactions in Sinter-Hardening Steels
T. Singh, T. F. Stephenson

Development of High Strength Sinter-hardening Steel
T. Tsutsui, K. Ishii, S. Satoh, J. Kamimura

Sinter Hardening Response Of A Cr-Si-Ni-Mo Containing Steel
B. Lindsley, W. B. James

Obtaining and Mechanical Characteristics of Multiphase Low Alloyed Steels
S. Domsa, C. Matyas, A. Ilisiu

Influence of Hard Inclusions on Mechanical Properties of Materials on the Base Sintered Steels
M. A. Shypitsa, A. A. Dmitrovitch

Hard Materials & Diamond Tools

Investigation of the WC - Grain Size Influence in Hardmetal Systems by a New Method for Wear Measurement
D. Vladimir , P. Zbynek , M. Miroslav

Comparative Study of Self-Mated HVOF-Sprayed Hardmetal Coatings Under High Temperature Dry Sliding Conditions
L.-M. Berger, S. Saaro, M. Woydt

Diamond Impregnated Composites - Damage Mechanisms of Diamond and their Prevention
W. Tillmann, M. Klaassen, C. Kronholz, H.-A. Crostack, U. Selvadurai-Laßl

Wear and Cutting Properties of New Diamond Inserts Based on Iron and Copper Powders
C. Menapace, P. Costa, A. Molinari

On the Dissolution of WC in WC-Co Alloys
O. Seo, S. Kang

Fatigue Performance of Carbide Composites
H. Klaasen, J. Kübarsepp, I. Preis, F. Sergejev

Wear of Coated Hardmetals in Machining Cast Iron
V. Richter

Murakami Approach: Fatigue Strength Prediction of Cemented Carbides by Considering Pores to be Equivalent to Small Defects
F. Sergejev, I. Preis, H. Klaasen, J. Kübarsepp

Influence of Modification of Cu-Sn Binding Material of Diamond Tool on Its Physical and Mechanical Properties
E. Zvonarev, A. Baran

PM Low Alloy Steels IV

Liquid Phase Sintering of PM Steels Through Boron-Containing Master Alloy Additions
M. Sarasola, S. Sainz, F. Castro

Effect of Quenching and Tempering on the Fatigue Behaviour of Fe-1.5Mo-4Ni-2Cu-0.5C
R. B. Wassenberg, P. Beiss

Fracture Toughness-Strength Relationship for High Density PM Steels
J. Bris, F. Benítez, A. Mateo, J.A. Calero , L. Llanes

Alloying and Sintering Behaviour of Selected Iron-Graphite-Master Alloy Powder Mixtures
F. Castro, M. Sarasola, F. Baumgaertner, M. Dougan, S. Mitchell, K. Lipp, H.J. Bender, C. Coffin, J. Dunkley

Internal Damping Characterization of Sintered Advanced Materials
A. De Iorio, F. Penta, P.Pinto, G.P. Pucillo

PM Stainless Steels

High Performance Materials Based on Stainless Steel with Elevated Wear and Oxidation Resistance
J. A. Calero, M. J. Dougan

Influence of Alloying Elements on the Heat Resistance of Sintered Stainless-Steels Elements
M. Baccalaro, A. Mattern, I. Hauer, M. Pohl, G. Schneider, A. Flaig

Sintered Austenitic Stainless Steels With Manganese Mechanically Alloyed
A. Canal, M. Campos, F. Condes, J. M. Torralba

Improvement in Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance on Ferritic Stainless Steel Sintered under Nitrogen/Hydrogen Atmosphere
C. García, P. Tiedra, Y. Blanco, J.M. Ruiz, F. Martín

Determination of the Fracture Toughness of Soft Magnetic Composites by the Single-Edge-V-Notched-Beam Method
S. Giménez, S. Herter, R. Kott, O. Van der Biest

Effects of Silicon Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 316l Austenitic Stainless Steel
K. Sikorski, A. Szymanska, D. Kowalczyk, J. Kazior,K. J. Kurzydlowski

PM Functional Materials

100-µm-Thick Sintered Magnets for MEMS-Type Applications
P. McGuiness, D. Jezeršek, S. Kobe, B. Saje

Sol-Gel Silane Dielectric Coatings. A Model System for Thermally Stable Dielectromagnetic SMC's
S. N. B. Hodgson, Y. X. Pang, B. Weglinski, D. Gaworska, J.Koniarek

Properties Of Hybrid Dm-Dh Magnetic Cores For Step Motors
A. Buniowski, L. Dlugiewicz, B. Weglinski

Soft Magnetic Powders From Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-X Systems Produced by Mechanical Alloying Techniques
I. Chicinas, O. Isnard , V. Pop

The Application of Magnetovibrating Layer to the Milling of Ferromagnetic Materials
Yu M. Vernigorov, I. N. Egorov, S. I. Egorova

Thermally Conducting Porous Materials for Cooling of Electronic Components
M. Lucaci, M. Lungu, S. Gavriliu, E. Enescu, R. L. Orban

Technological Transformations in the Manufacturing of some WNiCu Pseudoalloys
C. I. Pascu, M. L. Bogdan

Influence of High Energy Mechanical Grinding in Olivine-LiCoPO4
M.E. Rabanal, M.E. Arroyo y de Dompablo, M.C. Gutierrez, A. Khalifa, F. García Alvarado, J.M. Torralba

Oxidation of Sintered Nd-Fe-B Magnets with Modified Composition
I. Skulj, I.R. Harris, H.E. Evans

Layered Nd-Fe-B Dielectromagnets
B. Slusarek, L. Dlugiewicz, P. Gawrys, M. Przybylski

Nanocomposite SmCo5/a-Fe Type Magnets Prepared By Mechanical Milling
V. Pop, O. Isnard, I. Chicinas, D. Givord

Phase Composition, Crystal Structure, Magnetic Properties of the Nanodimensional and Nanocrystal Nd-Fe-B Powders and Based on Their Magnetoplasts
G. I. Makovetskii, E. V. Zvonarev, V. M. Olefirenko, K. I. Yanushkevich, E. N. Shyngarev

PM Applications

Surface Densified P/M Gears Made of Chromium Alloy Powder Reach Automotive Quality
S. Dizdar, L. Fordén, D. Andersson

Surface Densified P/M Steel - Comparison with Wrought Steel Grades
F. Hanejko, A. Rawlings, K. S. V. Narasimhan

Evaluation of Mechanical and Biological Properties of Highly Porous Titanium Parts
M. Bram, H. Schiefer, D. Bogdanski, M. Köller, H.P. Buchkremer, D. Stöver

An Investigation into the Porosity and Compressive Strength of Calcium Based Materials Produced by the Die Compaction Technique
T. Akter, J. Stokes, M. Ardhaoui, M.S.J. Hashmi

Applications of the Sintered Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets on the Special Magnetic Circuits, "Magic Cylinder" Type
W. Kappel, M. Gh. Mihaiescu, M. C. Hondrea, M. M. Codescu, N. Stancu, E. A. Patroi, D. Popa

Powder Metallurgy Technology in Production of Medical Implants. Why?

Investigation into Structure and Contact Properties of Tungsten-Silver-Rhenium Contact Materials
K. Wojtasik, M. Woch

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