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Euro PM2005 Proceedings: Volume 2

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Euro PM2005 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 2.

This download contains the following papers:

Powder Manufacturing - Atomisation

Theoretical Background of Hot Jet Atomization of the Melts
F. Dmytro

Centrifugal Atomisation for Powder Production
J. J. Dunkley, D. Aderhold

Investigation of High Efficient Supersonic Nozzle Parameters for Tin Powder Production by Gas Atomisation
R. Ünal, A. Aksoy

On the Elaboration of Metallic Pre-Alloyed Powders by Gas Atomizing Process
L. Dembinski, C.Verdy, A. Allimant, M.P.Planche, C. Coddet

Development of New Methods and Devices for Powders Elaboration by Centrifugal Atomisation of Metal Melted in Immersed Electric Arc
Z. Sparchez, I. Chicinas

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of a Supersonic Nozzle Design
R. Ünal

Powder Manufacturing - Processing

Case Study: Flexible & Safe Materials Handling in Modern Metal Powder Plants
H. Pettersson

Segregation of Metal Powders
P. A. Kulkarni, M. S. A. Bradley, R. J. Farnish

High Performing Premixes For Demanding PM Applications
C. Gélinas and S. St-Laurent

Mechanically Alloyed Heat Resistant Materials Theory and Manufacturing Technology
F. Lovshenko, G. Lovshenko

Study of the Mechanically Alloyed Mix [Fe + 10% B4C]
J. Abenojar, F. Velasco, M.A. Martínez

NbAl Intelligent Material through Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering
K. Chinniah, Y.-S. Kang, A. Kawasaki

Investigation of Properties of Composite SHS Powders on The Base of Chromium and Titanium Carbides
P. Vitiaz, A. Ilyuschenko, A. Belyaev, T. Talako

Characterization of Composite Thermal Spray Powders
P. Peetsalu, S. Zimakov, J. Pirso, V. Mikli, R. Tarbe, P. Kulu

Coating of Aluminum Particles with Sn-Al Alloy Deposits by Magnetron DC Sputtering
T. Sonoda, K. Katou, I. Jeon, Y. Yamada and T. Asahina

Method for Minimising the Powders Contamination During the Ball Milling Process
Z. Spârchez, I. Chicinas

Composition and Structure of Plasma Sprayed Chromium Steel Powder
B. Kolman, O. Schneeweiss, K. Voleník

Sure Size Effect of Additive Pitch Particles During Dry Carbon-Coating of Graphite Powder
H. C. Yang, J. S. Kim, W. B. Kim, C. Y. Song, Y. S. Kwon

Recycling of EAF Dust by Semi-Continuous HKP
H. Zoz, G. Kaupp, K. Goepel, H. Ren, Z. Tian, D. Jaramillo

Metal Foams & Filters

Formation Mechanism of Micro Porous Metals Produced By Powder Space Holder Method
S. Matsuzaki, S. Tanaka, K. Nishiyabu

New Production Route for Porous NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
J. Mentz, L. Krone, M. Bram, H.P. Buchkremer, D. Stöver

Process of Porous Titanium Using a Space Holder
T. Shimizu, K. Matsuzaki, Y. Ohara

Boundary Lubrication With Porous Impregnated Composites
V. Leshchynsky, H. Wisnevska-Weinert

Development of Self-Lubricating Bearing in Tin Based Alloy
F. Yusof, M. Hameedullah, M. H. Abdul Syukor, M. F. Jamaludin

Suspension-Centrifugal Formation of Foam Ceramics
A. Leonov, A. Marukovich

Structure Of Porous Powder Materials Obtained By Sedimentation Method
V.V.Maziuk, V.V.Doctarau, A.L.Rak

SHS Synthesis of the Oxidation Resistant Open-Cell Foams
V. Mikutski, A. Romashko, O. Smorygo

Investigation of Sorption Properties of Filtering Materials of Titanium-Phosphate Titanium Composition
L. Pilinevich, M. Anashtchenko, V. Shablovsky, A. Poluyan

Hardness Optimization of the Iron Base Self-Lubricating Bearings
C. Teisanu, St. Gheorghe, I. Ciupitu

Lotus-Structured Porous Ti-Al/Ti Composite Fabricated by Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis
Y. Yamada, T. Banno , C.E. Wen

PM Aluminium Alloys

High Wear Resistant Parts of Sintered Aluminium for the Automotive Application
A. Pohl

Microstructure and Properties of Rapidly Solidified Al-TMs Alloys
D. Vojtech, J. Verner, B. Bártová, K. Saksl

Sintering of Loosely Packed Powder Mixture of Ultrafine Aluminium and Nanopowder of Cu And Sn
J..-S. Kim, I. Chang, K. Jiang, C. L. Falticeanu

Consolidation and Mechanical Properties of Gas Atomized Al-Si Powder
Y. J. Kim, J. C. Kim , J. H. Ahn

Effect of Processing Conditions on the Sintering of 2XXX Aluminium Prealloyed Powder
S. Sánchez-Majado, A. Jiménez-Morales, E. M. Ruiz-Navas, J. M. Torralba

Metal Matrix Composites

Ti5Si3 and MA Ti5Si3-Cu Coated Added to 2014 Aluminium Alloy - Liquid Phase Sintering Modification. Microstructure and Properties
M. L. Delgado, E. M. Ruiz-Navas, P. Ribeiro, B. Trinidade, J. M. Torralba

Titanium Matrix Composites Reinforced by Ceramic Particles
F. Romero, V. Amigó, E. Klyatskina, V. Bonache, J. Candel

The Effect of SiC Particles Characteristics on Hardness and the Wear Behavior of SiCP /QE22 Magnesium Alloy Matrix Composite
P.Abachi, K.Purazrang

Properties of Two PM Nitride-reinforced Al Matrix Composites
E.J. Herrera, J.A. Rodríguez and J.M. Gallardo

Production of Ti/Tib Master Alloy by SHS Process for the Obtention Ti/Tib Composites for the Automotive Industry
M. García de Cortazar, I.Agote, J.Coleto, M.Gutiérrez, S.L. Kharatyan, A.R. Sargsyan

Development of Si3N4/ Al Composite by Pressureless Melt infiltration
A. Farid, G. Shiju

The Effect of the Mixer Type and Ratio of Reinforcement Particle on the Mechanical Properties of NbC Reinforced Al Composite Material Produced Via Powder Metallurgy
S. H. Yetgin, M. Aydin, A. Aksoy, R. Ünal

Influence of the Ceramic Reinforcement on the Fatigue Strength of the Aluminum-Matrix Composites Subjected to Electrodischarge Machining
M. Trzaska, D. Bialo, J. Peronczyk, Z. Pakiela

Elaboration of MMCs Using Powders Recovered from Metallic Waste
V. Karayannis, C. Sotiriou, A. Moutsatsou

Sintering and Properties of New P/M Aluminium Alloys and Composites
A. Dudhmande, Th. Schubert, M. Balasubramanian, B. Kieback

Metal Injection Moulding

Performance of MIM Tungsten-Copper Electrical Connector
C. Liang

Adjustment of Materials and Sintering Processes for MIM of Bi-Material Parts
Ph. Imgrund, A. Rota, Th. Hartwig, F. Petzoldt, A. Simchi

Optimization of Metal Injection Moulding of Bronze Powders with Irregular Shape
J. M. Contreras, B. Levenfeld , J. M. Torralba

Powder Injection Moulding of High Performance Ceramic Metal Composites (Cermets)
R. Nagel, R. Zauner

Metal Injection Moulding of a Modified 440C-type Martensitic Stainless Steel
H. Wohlfromm, P.J. Uggowitzer, M. Blömacher, J. ter Maat, A. Thom, A. Pistillo, A. Ribbens

Binders and Feedstocks for CIM - a Rheological Approach
S. Domsa, C. Andreica, L. Matrici

Novel Method of Monitoring of Feedstock Quality
C. Gornik

Tailoring Solvent/Thermal Debinding 316L Stainless Steel Feedstocks for PIM: An Experimental Approach
H. Jorge, L. Hennetier, A. Correia, A. Cunha

Quality Improvement of Micro Metal Injection Moulding Using Micro/Nano Powders
K. Nishiyabu, K. Kakishita, T. Osada, S. Matsuzaki, S. Tanaka

An Approach for Assessment of Sintering Behavior of Co-injection Moulded PIM Feedstocks by Dilatometric Analysis
A. Simchi, F. Petzoldt, T. Hartwig

Effect of Low Energy Ball Milling on MIM of W-Cu Powders
M.-J. Suk, S.-W. Kim, Y.-D. Kim, I.-H. Moon

Investigation of Rheological Properties of the Feedstocks Composed of Steatite and 316l Stainless Steel Powders and Peg Based Resins
C. Karatas, M. Gokten, H.I. Unal, S. Saritas, I. Uslan

Micro MIM

Micro Metal Injection Moulding - Quality Assurance in Series Production
A. Rota, P. Imgrund, L. Kramer, R. Meyer, J. Haack

Development of Micro Metal Injection Moulding Inserted Sacrificial Plastic Mould
K. Taira, K. Okubo, S. Tanaka , K. Nishiyabu

Micro-Moulding of Al Alloy Powder Mixture Containing Ultrafine Al and Nano-Sized Cu Particles
J.-S. Kim, K. Jiang, I. Chang, C. L. Falticeanu

Development of Thin-Walled MIM Parts
C. G. Kukla, E. Griesmayer, B. Zlatkov397

Non Ferrous Materials
Ni3Al Intrmetallic Low Alloyed with Fe or/and Cr for Aerospace Applications, Processed by SHS
R. L. Orban, M. Lucaci

Submicron Powders of Copper and Copper Alloys: Formation, Properties and a New Promising Way of Use
I. V. Frishberg, L. V. Zolotukhina

Compressible Stellite
I. Hauer, O. Mårs

The Role of Natural Graphite Powder in Modern PM-Applications
R. Dehner

Durability of the Composite Based on Copper
G. S. Abashidze, N. M. Chikhradze

Preparation of Compact Product of Titanium from Titanium Hydride Powders
V. P. Korzhov, M. I. Karpov, V. Sh. Shekhtman, A. G. Aleksanyan, S. K. Dolukhanyan

PM Titanium Seminar

Industrial Opportunities for PM Titanium Products
D. Whittaker, B. Ginty, W. Hopkins, P. Unwin, G. Penfold, M. Ashworth, M. Ward

Nanotechnology Workshop

Nanostructured High Strength Aluminium Profiles
F. Simancík, M. Balog, J. Nagy, K. Idinský

Comparative Microstructure Analysis of PM-Based Composites Sintered by Classic and Microwave Routes
O. Gingu, E. Ruiz-Navas, M. Campos, E. Galardo, V. Gomez, M. Mangra, M. Pisc, V. Nicoara, F. Ciolacu, G. Sima

Interaction of Nanopowders with Air under Different Conditions
Y.-S. Kwon, H.-T. Kim, J.-S. Kim

Ultra-fine Carbides and Nitrides
Kurt Rabitsch

Manufacturing of Nano-Scaled Tungsten Carbide
Y. Yamamoto, T. Hayashi, M. Mizukami

Ultrafine Crystalline Hardmetals
P. Gustafson, S. Norgren, A.Grearson, M. James, M. Tillman

Nanocomposite Coatings with Enhanced Hardness
J. Musil

Conical Laser Beams in Nanopowders Production Technology
Yu.A. Chivel

Formation of Nanostructure and Amorphous Phases in Powders of Metastable Fe -Based Alloys. High Rate Flame Spraying of Such Powders
G. Goransky

Synthesis and Characterization of Ultrafine and Nanostructured Copper-Alumina Composite Materials
Kamberovic, M. Korac, Z.n Andjic

Thermosynthesis in Vibrating Layer of Composite Powders for Maintenance Nanodimensions Effects in Powder Materials
V.G. Lyulko, A.H. Krasnobaev, A.V. Lyulko, V.A. Maslyuk, D.V. Oleinikov

Preparation and Characterization of Aluminium Alloy Based Quasicrystal Reinforced Composites
V. C. Srivastava, P. Maheshwari , N. Kumar

Precision Cold Forging of Powder Components with Nanoparticles Impregnation
H. Wisniewska-Weinert, L. Kedzia, J. Ozwoniarek, V. Leszczynski

Creep Behaviour of Micro and Nano Metal Powder
H. C. Yang , K. T. Kim

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