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Euro PM2005 Proceedings: Volume 3

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Euro PM2005 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 3.

This download contains the following papers:

Tools for Improving PM

Thermal Analysis of Plain Iron - The Effect of "Inert" Atmospheres
C. Gierl, H. Danninger

Open and Closed Porosity in P/M Materials - Measurement and Variation with Density Levels and Sintering Conditions
D. A. Lados , D. Apelian , F. J. Semel

Spray Dryer Simulation used in the Production of Thermal Spray Powders
Q. Murtaza, J. Stokes, M. S. J. Hashmi, M. Ardhaoui

Modelling of the Spring-Back of PM Parts During Pressing and Sizing Operations
D. Drndarevic, M. Duricic, S. Panic

Full Density & Alternative Consolidation I

Advanced Steel Powder for Direct Metal Laser Sintering
F. Petzoldt, H. Pohl, A. Simchi, B. Alcantara

Direct Metal Laser Sintering of Fe-C-Cu Steel Powder
A. Simchi, F. Petzoldt, H. Pohl

Three Dimensional Printing of PM-Tool Steels
D. Godlinski, G. Veltl

Super-solidus Liquid Phase Sintering of Starch Consolidated M4 High Speed Steel Powder
H. Borgström, T. Paiar, P. Harlin , L. Nyborg

Solid Free-Form Fabrication of Dense Metallic Parts
E. Carreño-Morelli, S. Martinerie

New Technology of Selective Laser Sintering
K.E. Belyavin, D.V. Minko, Yu.A. Chivel, V.K. Pavlenko

Technology of Manufacturing Net-Shape Parts of Sintered Metal Powders
H. Wisniewska-Weinert, L. Kedzia, J. Ozwoniarek, V. Leshchynsky

Full Density & Alternative Consolidation II

Direct Metal Laser Sintering - New Possibilities in Part Manufacturing
M. Latikka, J. Kotila, T. Syvänen, O. Nyrhilä, J. Hänninen

On the New Parts Manufacturing by Direct Micro-Melting Laser Sintering Process
G. Jandin, L. Dembinski, J.M. Bertin, D. Albert-Francq, C. Coddet

Rapid Prototyping of Inconel Alloys by Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Three Dimensional Printing
M. Turker, D. Godlinski, H. Pohl, F. Petzoldt

Work Device Elements Obtained by Die Forging of PM Bicomponent Parts
M. Didu, St. Radu, M. Mangra, C. Dumitru

The Peculiarities of Heat Treatment of Hot-Forged Molybdenum and Nickel-Molybdenum Steels out of Prealloyed Powders
V. Dorofeyev, Y. Pirozhkova

Structure and Properties of Heterogeneous Powder Nickel Steels after Hot Forging and Varied Heat Treatment Techniques
Y. Pirozhkova, V. Dorofeyev

High-Pressure Synthesized Superconducting Nanostructural Magnesium Diboride-Based Materials
T. Prikhna, Y. Savchuk, W. Gawalek, M. Zeisberger, N. Sergienko, V. Moshchil, M. Wendt, T. Habisreuther, S. Dub, V. Melnikov, C. Schmidt, J. Dellith, P. Nagorny

Powder Pressing

Tribological Properties of Lubricants used in PM Process
N. Solimanjad, M. Larsson

High Velocity Compaction, Industrially Implemented at SKF for Improved Properties
B. van den Bos, C. Fors, T. Larsson

The Advantages of CNC Compaction Technology
N. Nies, D. Peters

Efficiency in Powder Compacting Technology
L. Lackner

New Multi-function Sizing Centre (MFC)
A. Rundel, P. Rauch

Explosive Compaction of Me-Boron Containing Composite Powders
N. M. Chikhradze, K. P. Staudhammer, F. D. S. Marquis, A. B. Peikrishvili, M. N. Chikhradze, G. Gapishvili

Experimental Study of Mass Flow and Apparent Density in Powder Metallurgy Die Filling
M. D. Riera, A. Istúriz, J. M. Prado

Fabrication of W(WC)-MG Composites by Hot Explosive Consolidation: A Structure/Property Relationship Investigation
L. J. Kecskes, A. B. Peikrishvili, E. Chagelishvili, B. Godibadze

Rapid Densification of Functionally Graded P/M Products
D. J. Novotnak, L. W. Lherbier, H. Burkard

Secondary & Finishing Operations

Chromium Alloyed Surface Densified PM Gears to Replace Conventional Machined Gears
P. Johansson, L. Alzati, S. Dizdar, L. Fordén

Effect of Porosity on Machinability of PM Steels Determined by Face Turning Test
A. Šalak, K.Vasilko, H. Danninger, M. Selecká, D. Jakubéczyová

Machining of Bainitic and Martensitic Chromium Pre-Alloyed PM Steel
S. Berg

PM Surface Densification Technology: A Numerical-Experimental Methodology for Rolling Tool Design
D. Bassan, M. Asti, M. F. Pidria, P. Zingale

Electro-Discharge Machining of a P/M Al-30Si-X Alloy for Electronic Packaging
D. Bialo, J. Peronczyk, J. Dzwonczyk, J. Zhou, J. Duszczyk

Various Methods of Cost Reduction Through the Use of Impregnation
E. Bilcai, R. C. Remler

Measuring of Drilling Forces Using a Strain Gage Based Dynamometer
F. G. Ciolacu, L. Gruionu, N. Craciunoiu

Influence of Alloying Elements on Thermochemically Treated Parts Made from Iron-Cast Iron-Copper Powder Mixtures
I. Ciupitu, M. Didu, C. Teisanu, St. Gheorghe

Tribological and Corrosion Behavior of Thermal-Sprayed Polymer-Base Composite Coatings
A.Ph. Ilyushchenko, A.A. Kuharev

Parameter's Optimization of Impulse-Plasma Treatment of Surface Layers of Thermal Composite Coatings
A. Ilyuschenko, A. Shevtsov, V. Okovity, V. Astashinsky, K. Buikus

Acoustic Characterization of Powder Coating Adhesion
R. Gr. Maev, B. E. O'Neill, A. Aczel, Ev. Leshchinsky

Influence of Electronic Radiation on Resistance to Wear of TiC-NiCr Hard Alloy at Cutting Steel
V. E. Ovcharenko, S. G. Psakhie, O. V. Lapshin, A. P. Savitskii

Increase of Corrosion Resistance and Durability Characteristics of Porous Powder Materials
L.P. Pilinevich, A.L. Rak, A.M. Taraykovich, M.V. Tumilovich

Effect of Boron on Microstructure of P/M Steel After Vacuum Carburizing and Gas Quenching
K. Widanka

PM Modelling Workshop

PM Modelling Workshop: Introductory Overview
P. Brewin

Overview and Industry Standpoint
J.A. Calero

Data Generation for the Numerical Simulation of Powder Compaction
J.M. Prado, M.D. Riera

Validation Data for Modelling of Powder Compaction: Guidelines and an Example from the European DIENET Project
J.H. Tweed, S.F. Burch, A.C.F. Cocks, M. Eriksson, R. Maassen, P. Brewin, W. Markeli, L.C.R. Schneider, F. Snijkers, W. Vandermeulen

Numerical Simulation of Die Compaction: Case Studies and Guidelines from the European Dienet Project
O. Coube, Pär Jonsén, T. Kraft, Y. Chen, D. Imbault, P. Dorémus, D. Gethin, S. Rolland, L. Federzoni, A. Maydanyuk, M. Shtern, A. Cocks, R. Maassen, J. Tweed, W. Markeli

Conclusions of Dienet
P. Brewin, L. Federzoni

Priority Areas for Future Research Identified by the European DIENET Project
JH Tweed, O. Coube

3D-Modelling of Die Filling
C. Bierwisch, B. Henrich, T. Kraft, M. Moseler, H. Riedel

Experimental and Numerical Study of the Die Filling Stage in Powder Metallurgy
M. D. Riera, A. Istúriz, J. M. Prado, J.C. Cante, J. Oliver, C. González

Recent Advances on the Numerical and ExperimentalStudy of the Powder Transfer Stage in Powder Metallurgy
J. C. Cante, J. Oliver,G. Ferrari C., M. D. Riera, A. Isturiz, J. M. Prado

Compacting Dies with Rectangular Profile: FEM Analysis of Stress States for Different Geometries
E. Armentani, G. F. Bocchini, G. Cricrì, R. Esposito

Discrete Element Modelling of the Compaction of Ceramic Powders
S. Lorquet, G. Delette, C. L. Martin, D. Bouvard

Computation of Macroscopic Yield Surfaces by Particle Methods
I. Schmidt, A. Wonisch, B. Henrich, M. Moseler, H. Riedel

Friction Measurement Using a Floating Die Shear Plate Equipment
D. Korachkin, D.T. Gethin, J.H. Tweed

Tensile Fracturing in Diametral Compression of Pressed Metal Powder Discs
P. Jonsén, H.-Å. Häggblad

A Combined Discrete and Finite Element Simulation of Compaction
X.-S. Yang, C. Lin, D.T. Gethin, R.W. Lewis, R. C. Rowe

Constitutive Equations for Ductile Materials Containing Elliptical Voids
S.Y. Ha, K.T. Kim

Development of Method PC- Analysis of Powder Materials Under Simplex Diagrams "Mixing-Technology-Properties"
B.B. Jmailov, V.G. Lyulko, A.H. Krasnobaev, A.V.Barkov, A.V.Babets, S.S.Smirnov

The Possibilities of Modelling the Process for Compaction of Objects with Cavities
A.N. Potapenko, V.V. Strokova, E.A. Potapenko, M.I. Dylkov

Using the Plasticity Theory with Taking into Account Rate Sensitivity to Radial Reduction of Porous Bodies
L. Ryabicheva, U. Dmitrij

PM Product Development- Role of FEM Simulations
Sadashivappa, V. Janardhana, K. Narendra Babu, B. Sonhar

Application of Adaptive Control by Processing of Powder Materials and Coatings by Pulse Electric Current
O.O. Kuznechik

Numerical Simulation of Powder Materials Extrusion
O.Mikhailov, G. Serdyuk, T.Yepifantseva, E.Shtefan

Modelling of Two-Layer Age-Hardened Powder Bodies Processing by Pressing and Forging
O.Mikhailov, T.Pavligo, G.Serdyuk, L.Svistun, R.Plomodyalo

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