Euro PM2006 Proceedings - Volume 1

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  • : 2006

Euro PM2006 Congress Technical Presentations - Volume 1: Hard Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Microstructure Evolution

Controlling the Microstructure Evolution of Hardmetals via the Sintering Atmosphere
Lengauer, W; Janisch, D; Garel M; Dreyer, K; van den Berg, H

Spark Plasma Sintering of NBC-CO Cermets with CR3C2 Addition
S.G. Huang, J. Vleugels, O. Van der Biest, L. Li

Preparation of Co Powders for Cemented Carbides in China
Liu Sha, Xu Kai-hua, Wang Min,Peng Ben-chao

Kinetics of the Formation of Cobalt Gradient in WC-CoDuring Liquid Phase Sintering
Peng Fan, Oladapo O. Eso, Zhigang Zak Fang , H. Y. Sohn


Quantitative Relationships Between Magnetic Properties, Microstructure And Composition Of WC-Co
Luyckx, S; Love, A

Mechanical Characterization of a WC -Ni Composite Prepared From Sputter-Deposited Powder
C M Fernandes, A M R Senos, J M Castanho, M T Vieira, J M Antunes

Comparative Study on Indentation Fracture Toughness Measurements of Cermets and Hardmetals
Sergejev, F

European REACH Regulation: Impact on the PM Hard Material Supply Chain
Brewin, P; Morley, M; Thurner, G

Experimental Study of WC/Co Interfaces
Lay, S

Cemented Carbides Surface Fatigue Prediction Using the Murakami Approach
Sergejev, F; Preis, I; Kübarsepp, J; Klaasen, H

New Materials

WC-Co Hardmetals Containing Alumina Dispersoids
Kleiner, A; Schön, A; Bock, A; Schubert, W D;B Zeiler

Strength of WC-Ni Cemented Carbides with Different Shape of WC Crystals
Shatov, A; Ponomarev, S S; Firstov, S A

Grain Growth during the Early Stage of Sintering of Nanosized WC-Co Powder
Fang, Z; Wang, X; Sohn, H Y

Field Assisted Sintering of Cubic Boron Nitride Dispersed Cemented Carbide (CDCC) Composites
K. Vanmeensel, J. Echeberria, J.M. Sanchez, V. Martinez], L. Bourgeois, J. Hennicke, H.-U. Kessel, P. Harden,O. Van der Biest, J. Vleugel

Synthesis of WC-TiC-Co Nanopowder by Mechano-Chemical Process
Ha, G-H; Lee, G-G;Yang, M-C; Kim, B-K


Influence of Formulation on Structure, Strength and Compactibility of Hardmetal Press Bulk
Nebelung, M; Thiele, S; Klemm, U; Schoene, B

Trends that Demand Unconventional Solutions
Hauschild, U

Modelling the Compaction and Ejection of Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Mirajkar, S B; Shamasundar, S; Chidanand, G

New Hydraulic Press Concept
Menzel, R


Thermodynamic Calculations - A Tool for Alloy Development
Frisk, K; Markström, A

WC-Co Consolidation by Means of Spark Plasma Sintering
Girardini, L; Zadra, M; Casari, F; Molinari, A

Investigation of Processes During Sintering of Hard Metal by Means of Thermal Analysis
Gestrich, T; Jaenicke-Roessler, K; Leitner, G

Consolidation of Ti(C,N) Cermets from Ultrafine Powders by Spark Plasma Sintering
Sanchez-Moreno, J M; Alvarez, M;

Explosive Jacketing of Tungsten Heavy and Hard Alloy Rods
Godibadze, B; Peikrishvili, A B; Chagelishvili, E; Chikhradze, N M; Kecskes, L J

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Interface Phase between V8C7 and WC Carbides at 1400 C
Huang, S; Vleugels, J; Van der Biest, O; Li, L

Tailored Sintering of WC-Co Cemented Carbides by Spark Plasma Sintering
Huang, S; Vanmeensel, K; Van der Biest, O; Vleugels, J; Li, L

Hot Explosive Consolidation of WC-AlNi Composites
Peikrishvili, A; Tsiklauri, M; Chagelishvili, E; Godibadze, B; Kecskes, L J; Pritchett, J E ; Klotz, B R


Surface State and Wear of Materials
Richter, V

Wear Mechanisms in Abrasion of WC/Co and Related Hardmetals
Gee, M; Gant, A; Roebuck, B

Evaluation of WC-Co Composites Using Hertzian Indentation Technique
Fang, Z; Zhang, H; Belnap, D

Abrasion and Toughness Property Maps for WC/Co Hardmetals
Roebuck, B; Gant, A; Gee, M G

Abrasion-Corrosion of Hardmetals
Gee, M; Gant, A

Performance of Sinterhipped TiC-base Cermets
Klaasen, H; Kübarsepp, J; Kollo, L

Thin & Thick Coatings

Aluminium-rich Ti1-xAlxN Coatings by CVD
Endler, I; Herrmann, M; Naupert, M; Pitonak, R; Ruppi, S; Schneider, M; van den Berg, H; Westphal, H

Influence of Oxidation on the Dry Sliding Properties of HVOF-Sprayed Hardmetal Coatings
Berger, L-M; Saaro, S; Woydt, M

Rolling Contact Fatigue of Hardmetal Coating WC-17%Co
Lipp, K; Berger, L-M; May, U; Wiener, M

New Coating Technology for Hardmetals Cutting Tools
Carceanu, I; Popa, A; Coman, C; Corneliu, T R

Influence of Ni Si B / WC - Co Components Ratio on the Tribologic Proprerties of Thermal Spraying Ni Si B / WC - Co Type Powder Layer
Motoiu, P; Popescu, G; Moldovan, P

Characteristics of WC-Co Composite Thermal Spray Coating Microstructure
Peetsalu, P; Pirso, J; Zimakov, Z; Kulu, P; Mikli, V; Traksmaa, R

Experimental Spray Powders and Coatings Produced From Recycled Hardmetal by Various Mechanical Methods
Tarbe, R; Zimakov, S; Peetsalu, P; Kulu, P; Mikli, V


Synthesis of TiC/Co Composite Powder by Carbothermal Reduction of Ti-Co-O Based Oxide Powder
Lee, G-G; Ha, G-H

Hydrothermal Reduction of Co3O4-Suspensions with Hydrogen - A novel Approach to Coated Tungsten Carbide Powders
Meissl, C; Bock, A; Marjelund, J; Myllymäki, S; Kontturi, K

Low Temperature Synthesized WC and its Usability For Fine-Grained Hardmetal
Viljus, M; Pirso, J; Letunovits, S

Special Seminar on Hardmetals as Coatings Hardmetal Bulk Materials and Coatings - Commonalities and Differences
Berger, L-M

Thermal Spray Technology and Coatings
Enzl, R

Corrosion and Wear Resistance of Hardmetal Coatings
Dosta, S; Miguel, J R; Guilemany, J M

WC-VC-Co as Bulk Hardmetal and Coatings
Luyckx. S; Machio, C N

Industrial Applications and Opportunities of Hardmetal Coatings
Vuoristo, P