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Euro PM2007 Proceedings: Modelling

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  • : 2007

Euro PM2007 Congress Technical Presentations on Modelling.

This download contains the following papers:

Modelling I

Predicting Density Distributions in Die Filling
Bierwisch, C

Simulation of Metal Powder Die Filling Processes Using the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method
Gustafsson, G

A Numerical Study of Die Filling Using a Coupled Discrete Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Guo, Yu

Thematic Network in Die Compaction “Dienet”: Overview of Results
Coube, O

Measure of Elastic Parameter of Green Compact Using an Instrumented Die
Doremus, P

Experimental Study of Die filling using Positron Emission Particle Tracking
Wu, C

Modelling II

Tailoring of Discrete Element Simulation for Investigating Processing and Properties of Powder Materials
Bouvard, D

New Strategies For Numerical Simulation of Mass Transfer In Powder Compaction Processes
Cante, J C

Densification of Granular Packing : Experiment and Simulation Using Meshed Discrete Particles
Imbault, D

TV-Holography for Strain Field Measurements on Green Powder Compacts Subjected to In-plane Loading
Lindkvist, G

Effect of a Rubber Mold on Stress Distribution in a Powder Compact by Using Cohesive Zone Model under Cold Isostatic Pressing
Kim, KT

Contact Particles Calibration in Order to Use Discrete Element Code
Doremus, P

Optimization as a Tool for Characterisation of Advanced Constitutive Models Describing Powder Compaction
Larsson, P-L

Formulation and Identification of a New Constitutive Model for Porous Materials
Sava , M.

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