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Euro PM2007 Proceedings: PM Lightweight and Porous Materials

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  • : 2007

Euro PM2007 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Lightweight and Porous Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Wear Resistant PM Aluminum Materials for Automotive Applications
Huo, S

Sintering and Extrusion of Al-14Si-2.5Cu-0.5Mg PM Alloy
Martin, J M

Sintering, Microstructure and Properties of the Premixed Elemental Al-Cu-Mg P/M Alloys
Kurt, A O

Production Of PM Intermetallic-Based Materials From Surface Modified Composite Powders
Trindade, B

Investigation on Microstructure and Creep Behaviour of an Over-aged Al2024-10vol%SiC Composite Prepared by Hot Powder Extrusion
Bakhshi Zadeh, N.

P/M Development of Low-Cost Titanium Alloys by Means of Iron Additions
Estaban, P G

Powder Filtering Material with a Gradient Structure Produced by Synthesis Sintering Method
Ilyuschenko, A

Structure of the Ti-45 wt % Zr Alloy Obtained by the Powder Metallurgy Method from TiH2 and ZrH2 Powders
Karpov, M.

Technical Viability of Calcium Carbonate as a Foaming Agent in the Production of Al-Si Alloy Foams
Sanchez Fernandez, M

Optimization of the Compaction and Sintering Steps for an Al-Cu Base Prealloyed Powder.
Sanchez-Majado, S

Unidirectional Porous Metal and its Production Process from Metal Powder
Shimizu , T

Friction and Wear Behaviour of Iron-Copper Sintered Alloys
Teisanu, C.

Structure of Sintered Materials with Gradual Porosity Obtained by Powder Sedimentation
Vida-Simiti, I

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