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Euro PM2007 Proceedings: PM Tool Materials

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  • : 2007

Euro PM2007 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Tool Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

PM Tool Materials - Hard Materials I

Evaluation of Health Risks of Nano- and Microparticles
Richter, V

Acute Inhalation Toxicity by Contact Corrosion - the Case of WC-Co
Gries, B

WC-Co Hardmetals with Nano-Grain Reinforced Binder: Binder Structure on the Micro-, Nano- and Atomic-Level
Konyashin, I

Microstructure of Polycarbide Based Hard Alloys
Bodrova, L

Influence of Sinter/HIP Sintering on Properties of Chromium Carbide Based Cermets
Juhani, K

Pressurized Sinterin gof TiC-base Cermets
Klaasen, H

Abrasive Wear Performance of Carbide Based Composites
Kübarsepp, J

Reactive Sintering of (Ti,W)C-Ni and TiC-FeNiSi Cermets from High-Energy Milled Powders
Kollo, L

Modeling the Compaction and Ejection of Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Mirajkar, S

Consideration about Obtaining TiC-Mo2C Complex Carbides
Vasilescu, M

Flowability of Hardmetal Press Bulk - A decisive Goal of Powder Processing
Nebelung, M

PM Tool Materials - Hard Materials II

Reactively Sintered Hardmetals from Alloyed W-Co-C Phases
Lengauer, W

Pulsed Electric Current Sintering of WC Based Hardmetals and ZrO2 Based Ceramic Composites
Huang, S

Effect Of Powder Characteristics And Presintering Cycles On Graphite Precipitation During Consolidation Of Timocn-Ni Cermets: Vac. Sintering Vs. Hip.
Sanchez, J M

Fe-Matrix Composites: Atmosphere Effect During the Sintering Process
Gomez, B

A New Generation of PM "Tool" Materials
Novotnak, D

New Hardmetal Matrices for Diamond Drilling Tools with Increased Wear Resistance
Bota, D

Recent Advances in PM HSS and ASP® at Erasteel
Engelmark, F

Diamond Composites for Dry Machining of Mineral Materials
Tillmann, W

Influence Of Manufacturing Parameters On Microstructure And Residual Stresses In Diamond-Cobalt-Composites
Tillman, W

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