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Euro PM2007 Proceedings: Powder Manufacturing and Processing

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  • : 2007

Euro PM2007 Congress Technical Presentations on Powder Manufacturing and Processing.

This download contains the following papers:

Powder Manufacturing and Processing I

Microstructural Features of Rapidly Solidified Al-20Si-5Fe-2X(X=Cu, Ni, Cr) Powders
Simchi, A

Powder Modification and Synthesis with Thermal Plasma Jets
Dzur, B

Processing and Characterisation of Cu / Cr2Nb Composite Powders Obtained by Gas Atomisation
Bozzolo, N

Benefits From Bonded Mixes For Complex Powder Metallurgy Parts Production
Berg, S

Centrifugal Atomisation: Influence of Chamber Oxygen on the Size and Shape of Aluminium Powder Particles
Sheikhaliev, S.

Preparation of Nanosized Lithium-Titania Compounds from Vapour Phase.
Grabis, J.

Elevator for Iron Powders
Mironov, V.

An Application of Universal Hardness Test to Metal Powder Particles
Hryha, E

Copper Powder of Controlled Morphology and Particle Size by Biochemical Method
Ivanus, R.C.

Synthesis of Ultra Fined (W,Ti)C Powder by the Carbothermal Reduction Process
Lee, G-G

Evaluation of Iron Chlorides Grinding in the Production of Iron Powder
Moutsatsou, A

Powder Manufacturing and Processing II - Mechanical Alloying

Production of Apatite-type Oxide Ion Conductors La9.33Si6O26 and La9.33Si2Ge4O26 by Mechanical Alloying
Vieira, MM

Optimization and Consolidation of a Al-Cu PM Alloy Obtained by Mechanical Alloying
Ruiz-Navas, E M

Assessment of the Addition of Mn by Mechanical Milling on as-Sintered Properties of Low Alloyed Steels
Sicre-Artalejo, J

Al2O3-YAG Composites Processing and Characterization
de Campos, Jose

Synthesis Of Nanocomposite WC-Co Powders By High-Energy Ball Milling
Hewitt, S

Effects of Y2O3 and Fe2Y Particles on the Microstructure and Charpy Impact Properties of an ODS Ferritic Steel
Oksiuta, Z

Nanocrystalline Feti(Al) Intermetallic Alloys For Hydrogen Storage Processing By Mechanical Alloying
Orban, R

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