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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: Advanced Powder Metallurgy

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on Advanced Powder Metallurgy.

This download contains the following papers:

Aluminide Protective Coatings on Steels by Sintering of Powder Filled Pastes
G.Veltl, C.Drescher, F.Petzoldt, M.Busse

Tape Cast Tungsten Heavy Alloy Sheet and Foil
G.Stiebritz, H.Uhlenhut, M.Svec

Powder Metallurgy Based Manufacture of Copper / Carbon Nanofibers Composites
J.Barcena, R.Martinez, M.Garcia de Cortazar, P.Egizabal, J.Maudes, I.Caro and J.Coleto

Applicability of 2C-MIM to Produce Near-Net-Shape Components with Graded Porosity
A.P.Cysne Barbosa, M Köhl, H.P.Buchkremer, D.Stöver

Tape Casting of Copper Alloys for Tribological Applications
M.Cans, H.Hamdam, Y.Öner, J.E.Bidaux, E.Carreño-Morelli

Development, Production and Application of Discom® Copper Nanocomposites as Highly Resource Electrode and Electric Contact Materials
E.Shalunov, A.Matrosov, L.Chen

The Influence of the Wet-Milling Process on the Properties of Ni3Fe and Supermalloy Magnetic Powders
I.Chicinas, B.Neamtu, O.Isnard, F.Popa, V.Pop, E.Dorolti

Microstructure Evolution of (pr,Dy)2Fe14B/a-Fe Nanocomposites Coupled by Exchange Interactions
M.Lupsa, O.Isnard, V.Pop, E.Dorolti, I.Chicinas, A.Tunyagi

The Influence of Pressing Temperature on the Structure and Properties of the Cu - 50Cr Composite
A.V.Laptev, E.V.Khomenko, A.I.Tolochin, Ya.I.Yevich

Development of Iron Powder Based Soft Magnetic Core for High Frequency
T.Maeda, T.Ishimine, T.Nishioka

Al2O3-Cr and Al2O3-Mo FGM's - Manufacturing, Properties, Applications
K.Pietrzak, D.Kalinski, M.Chmielewski

NiTi Processed by SHS from Mecano-Activated Powder Mixtures
R.L.Orban, M.Lucaci, N.Jumate, M.Orban

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