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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: Full Density and Alternative Consolidation

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on Full Density and Alternative Consolidation.

This download contains the following papers:

Laser Sintering of Metallic Parts with Complex Internal Structures
C.Aumund-Kopp, F.Petzoldt

Tailoring the Surface Microstructure of Starch Consolidated Vanadium-rich High Speed Powder
H.Borgström, P.Harlin, L.Nyborg

Powder Forging - Process and Equipment for the path towards Full Density

Structure and Properties of Hot-Deformed Ni, Mo-Containing Powder Steels on Thermal and Thermomechanical Treatment
V.Dorofeyev, Y.Dorofeyev,

Features of a Fine Structure and its Role in the Formation of Properties of Powder Hot-Forged Materials
V.A.maslyuk, A.A.Mamonova

Some Aspects of the Extrusion of Two - Layer PM Materials

Investigation of Hot Pressed Copper-Diamond Composites
H. Yu, E.Neubauer, G.Kladler, P.Angerer

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