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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: PM Lightweight and Porous Materials

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Lightweight and Porous Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Alloy Design Concepts for AI-14Si-Cu-Mg-Zn (Wt%) PM Alloys
F.Santander, J.M.Martin, F.Castro

Lightweight Diamond Based Composites with Advanced Thermal Properties
E.Neubauer, I.Smid, K.Cowan, H.Yu, P.Angerer

Processing of AI-20Si-5Fe-2X(X=Cu, Ni, Cr) Alloys by Melt-Spinning and Hot-Pressing
M.Rajabi, A.Simchi, P.Davami

Lightweight Sintered Aluminium Automotive Components
S.Huo, W.Heath

Characterization of Melt-Spun AA8009 Alloy and Extrusion Process Optimization
P.Nnamchi, S.leeflang, J.Zhou, A.J.Bosch

Structure of Hard Composite Layers Deposited by Tubular Electrodes with Blended Powders Core
N.Jumate, I.Vida-Simiti, G.Negrea,

Wetting of Silicon Carbide by Copper and its Alloys
D.Kalinski, W.Olesinska, M.Chmielewski

Influence of the Hot Pressing Parameters on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Titanium Matrix Composites
I.Montealegre Melendez, E.Neubauer, P.Angerer,H.Danninger

Development and Research of a Nanostructured Material from Aluminium Powder for Orthopedy Traumatology ” E.Shalunov, A.Matrosov, A.Karalin

Study of Composite Materials for Spot Welding Electrodes from Copper and Zirconia Powders
I.Vida-Simiti, N.Jumate, G.Iepure

Influence of Silicon Content in Al-XSi-Y Alloys on Surface Quality after EDM (Electro-Discharge Machining)
J.Dzwonczyk, J.Peronczyk, J.Zhou, D.Bialo, J.Duszczyk

Processing of Open Cell Nickel-Chromium and P/M Nickel-base Superalloy Foams
M.Neukam, M.Willert-Porada

Highly Porous Rigid Fibre Structures made from Light Metals
O.Anderson, I.Morgenthal. T.Studnitzky

High Temperature Resitant Cellular PM Steel Components
P.Quadbeck, G.Standke, K.Kümmel, J.Adler, G.Stephani

Fabrication of Ti-6AI-4V Porous Scaffolds by Sintering of Spherical Powder Beads
D.Busquets-Mataix, L.Reig, V.Amigó, J.A.Calero

Metal Matrix Composite with Electroless Nickel Plated SiC
J.Pázmán, T.Ferenczi, Dr.T.Török, Dr.Z.Gácsi

Structure and Properties of Powder Aluminium Alloys of System Ai-Cu-Mg with a different Technological Heredity after Thermal Processing Simultaneous with Plastic Deformation

Discrete Element Simulation on the Behaviour of Random Hollow Sphere Metal Foams
A.Fallet, C.L.Martin, L.Salvo, Y.Brechet

Graded Porous Structure of Sintered Membranes obtained by Powders Sedimentaation
I.Vida-Simiti, N.Jumate, N.Sechel

Processing and Mechanical Properties of Porous Ti_Mo Alloy for Biomedical Applications
Y.Yamada, Y.C.Li, J.Y.Xiong, T.Banno, P.D.Hodgson, C.E.Wen

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