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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: PM Tool Materials

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Tool Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

On the Use of Oxides for Establishing Cubic Carbides in P-Type Hardmetals
K.Schädl, D.Janisch, W.Lengauer

Gas Solid Interactions During Low Temperature Treatments of (Ti,Mo)(C,N)-Ni Cermets
N.Rodriguez, J.M.Sánchez

Rolling Contact Fatigue of HVOF-Sprayed WC-Based Hardmetal
L.M.Berger, K.Lipp, C.Jordan, U.May, T.Naumann

Fatigue Behaviour of a High Performance PM-Tool Steel for Cold Forging Applications
G.Jesner, R.Pippan, S.Marsoner, K.Haeussler

Fatigue Behaviour of PM Tool Steels in the Gigacycle Regime
C.R.Sohar, A.Betzwar-Kotas, C.Gierl, B.Weiss, H.Danninger

Can We Influence Hardmetal Properties by Sintering in Carbon Monoxide
D.S.Janisch, W.Lengauer, K.Dreyer, K,Rödiger, H.Van den Berg

Preperation of Multiphase Lightweight c-BN-Based Composite
K.Juhani, E.Kimmari, L.Kommel

Performance of Carbide Composite in Cyclic Loading Conditions
H.Klaasen, J.Kübarsepp, T.Roosaar, F.Sergejev, A.Talkop

Elastic and Damping Properties of Binderless WC and WC-Co Hardmetals at Elevated Temperature
A.K.Swarnakar, S.G.Huang, B.Baufeld, J.Vleugels, O.Van der Biest

Effect of the Cooling Rate on the Hardness of Free-Sintered Prealloyed Powders
C.Lerat, L.Gutierrez, N.Vielma, C.Luno-Bilbao, J.M.Sanchez, I.Iturriza

Micro-Characteristics of Diamond Impregnated Composites
W.Tillmann, M.Gathen, B.Rüther, H.A.Crostack, U.Selvadurai-LassI, J.Nellesen

Wear Properties of Diamond Impregnated Cobalt Metal
James D.Dawn

Verification of Heat Development in New Designed Diamond Tools by Drilling-Tests and FEM-Simulation
W.Tillmann, L.Wojarski, C.Kronholz

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