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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: Powder Manufacturing and Processing

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on Powder Manufacturing and Processing.

This download contains the following papers:

A Study on the Production of Al-Tib2 Nanocomposite Powder by Mechanical Alloying
Z.Sadeghian, M.H.Enayati, P.Beiss

Diffusion Alloying - A New Mnufacturing Method for PM Tool Steels
Dipl-Ing S.Huth, Prof.Dr-Ing W.Theisen

Analysis of the Parameters that Influence the Mechanical Alloying/Milling Processes in a Planetary Ball Mill
Z.Spârchez, I.Chicinas

Hot Isostatic Pressing of Elemental and Pre-alloyed ODS Ferritic Steel Powders
Z.Oksiuta, N.Baluc

Hot Extrusion and Characterization of an Al-Fe-VorNb-Si Powder Alloy Prepared by High Energy Milling
R.E.Coelho, F.A.Filho

Aln-Cu Composite Powders Obtained by Mechanical Alloying Technique
M.Chmielewski, K.Pietrzak, D.Kalinski, A.Gladki

The Morphology Evolution Process of Electrolytic Copper Powder
J.Zhang, L.Wang, L.Wang, P.Pang

The Obtaining and Characterising of TiC-Mo2C Complex Carbides
T.Vasile, A.Purcarea, M.Vasilescu, C.Patic

Manufacturing of an Amorphous Alloy for MIM Applications
D.Novotnk, L.Lherbier

New Continuous Method for Metal Powder Non-Segregation Blends

Multicomponent Composite Powders Synthesis for Gas-Thermal Spray of Protective Coatings
A.F.Ilyuschenko, A.Belyayev, T.Talako, Letsko, D.Borovik

Powder Metallurgy of Belarus: Science and Production
A.Ilyuschenko, V.Savich, G.Syroezhko

Holistic Analysis in Air Atomization of Eutectic Al-Si Powder
J.G.Rivera-Ordoñez, T.Rivera-Montalvo, A.Juárez-Hernández

Development of New Procedures and Devices for Dry Magnetic Seperation of Ferromagnetic Powdered Materials using Specific Methods of Engineering Creativity.

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