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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: Secondary and Finishing Operations

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on Secondary and Finishing Operations.

This download contains the following papers:

Comparison of CaS and MnS as Machining Aids for PM Steels
C.Gierl, M.Jaliliziyaeian, H.Danninger, K.Vasilko, A.Salak

Rolling Contact Fatigue of a Surface Rolled and Case Hardened Pure Iron PM Steel
T.Janitzky, I.Sauermann, P.Beiss

Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of Through Hardened and Sinterhardened Cr-Mo and Cr-Mn Steels
M.Zendron, L.Girardini, E.Santuliana, A.Molinari

Critical Review of Joining Processes for Powder Metallurgy Parts
C.Selcuk, S.Bond, P.Woollin

Laser Cladding on Ti-6AI-4V with TiC Composites for Improved Wear Behaviour
V.Amigó, D.Busquets, J.Candel, J.A.Ramos

Plasticity of PM Materials
F.Klocke, C.Gorgels, P.Kauffmann

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