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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: Sintered Steels

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on Sintered Steels.

This download contains the following papers:

Study of Reduction/Oxidation Processes in Cr-Mo Prealloyed Steels during Sintering by Continuous Atmosphere Monitoring
E.Hryha, L.Cajkova, E.Dudrova, L.Nyborg

Manganese Evaporation during Sintering of Fe-Mn-Cr Compacts from Prealloyed Iron Powder
M.Jaliliziyaeian, C.Gierl, J.Zbiral, H.Danniger

Universal Hardness Test to Rate the Sintering Degree of P/M Steel from Diffusion-Bonded Powder
G.F.Bocchini, A.Baggioli, B.Rivolta, G.Silva

Production of Near Net Shape Green Parts or Fully Dense Sintered to Full Density Parts

Performance Characteristics of Cost Effective Sinter Hardening Materials
U. Engström, Y.Yu, S.Bengtsson, R.Frykholm

Fatigue Life Measurement of Production Components using Miniaturised Test Specimens
K.P.Mingard, R.Morrell, B.Roeback

Effect of Mean Stresses on the Fatigue Strength of Sintered Fe-Cu-C
A.Zafari, P.Beiss

Influence of Nickel and Cooling Rate on the Microstructural Development of Mo-Containing PM Steels
W.Garcìa, P.Uranga, F.Castro

Highly Dense PM Components for High Performance Applications
M.J.Dougan, K.Lipp, A.Glaser

Organic-Bonded Powders: A Cost Effective Alternative to Diffusion-Alloyed Powders
S.St-Laurent, C.Gêlinas

Lean Alloy Nickel PM Steels
T.Stephenson, M.Korotkin, S.Metcalfe

Research Regarding the Mechanic Stress Behaviour of Carbon Steels made from Iron Powders Elaborated in Methane Gas Medium
C.Ghermec, I.Ciupitu, I.Bucse, M.Ciobanu

TiB2 In-Situ Reinforced Sintered Structural Steels

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