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Euro PM2008 Proceedings: Tools for Improving PM

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  • : 2008

Euro PM2008 Congress Technical Presentations on Tools for Improving PM.

This download contains the following papers:

Cracking in Green Compacts
J.H.Tweed, S.F.Burch, D.T.Gethin, S.Rolland

Crack Detection using Acoustic Testing Technology
H.Jonuscheit, E.Ernst

Advances in Particle Finite Element Modelling of Powder Filling
J.C.Cante, J.Olivier, R.Weyler, J.Hernández

Engineering the Green State of Powder Products
D.Whittaker, P.J.Withers, I.T.H.Chang, M.S.A. Bradley, I.C.Sinka, A.F.C.Cocks, J.Binner,C.M.Stands

Relationship between Tensile Strength and Hardness in various Grades of Sintered Iron and Steels
H.Danninger, C.Gierl, M.Momeni, A.Salak

TOM-AC - Thermo-Optical Measurement System with Atmosphere Control - A Versatile Unit for Material Characterization during Heat Treatments
A.Diegeler, P.Schulze Horn, F.Raether

Experiment and Simulation using Meshed Discrete Particles: Comparison for Compaction of 3D Irregular Randomly Packed Particles
Y.Chen, D.Imbault, V.Donze, P.Doremus

A Geometric Algorithm to Generate a Dense Polydisperse Sphere Packing
J-F. Jerier, D.Imbault, V.Donze, P.Doremus

Process Controlling and Quality of u-MIM-Parts
T.Plaggenborg, J.Schwenzel

Numerical Optimization of PIM Process
J.Song, G.Ayad, T.Barriére, J.C.Gelin, B.Liu

Finite Element Simulation of the Compaction and Sintering of Bi-Material Components
Y.Kamdem, D.Imbault, P.Doremus, D.Bouvard

Numerical Homogenisation of Elasto-Plastic Granule Assemblies using Discretised Particles
I.Schmidt, T.Kraft, H.Riedel

A new Apparatus for Calibration of Constitutive Models and Friction for Powder Compaction
I.C.Sinka, J.S.McStea, J.Sainsbury

The Use of Numerical Simulation to Optimise New Die Filling Technique
A.Ollagnier, P.Doremus, D.Imbault, G.Puente, V.Bonnefoy, L.Federzoni, P.Revirand

An Analytical Contact Law for DEM Simulation of High-Density Compaction
B.Harthong, P.Dorémus, D.Imbault

Discrete Simulation of Nano-Sized Powder Consolidation
C.L.Martin, S.Phani, P.Pizette, S.Joshi, G.Delette

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