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Euro PM2009 Proceedings: PM Functional Materials

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  • : 2009

Euro PM2009 Congress Technical Presentations on Functional Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Powder Extrusion Moulding of Stainless Steel Thin-Tubes for Porous Metal-Supported SOFCs
M. E. Sotomayor, B. Levenfeld, A. Várez

Sensor Application on Stainless Steel by Sintering of Powder Filled Pastes
C. Drescher, G. Veltl, F. Petzoldt, M. Busse

Advances in SMC Technology – Materials and Applications
Lars Hultman Ola Andersson

Characterization of the Sintering of an Alumina Matrix-Stainless Steel Dispersion Composite and Effect of Carbon Content
Auger Jean-Marc, Saunier Sebastien, Valdivieso Françoisx

Tape Casting of Copper Based Shape-Memory Alloys
J.-E. Bidaux, H. Girard, V. Sonney, H. Hamdan, S. Rey-Mermet, E. Carreño-Morelli

Electroless Nickel Plating with Different Pre-Treatments on Silicon Carbide Particles
Judit PÁZMÁN, Viktor MÁDAI, József TÓTH, Zoltán GÁCSI Dr.

Pressure Relief by Means of Porous Materials
Hornig, J., Markus, D.and Thedens, M.

Tantalum and Niobium Nanopowders for Porous Material Creation
N.V. Isaeva, Y.V. Blagoveshchenskiy, Y.I. Melnik, N.V. Blagoveshchenskaia

Powder Structure and Tribotechnical Materials. Promising Orientations of their Engineering and Economic Features
Ilyushchenko A.F., Savich V.V.

Composite Materials for Spot Welding Electrodes from Copper and WC Powders, N. Jumate
I. Vida-Simiti, N. Sechel, Gy. Thalmaier

Thermophysical Properties of In-Situ Reinforced Copper/Copper Oxide Composites
E. Neubauer, A.Altenburger, P. Angerer

FeTi-Al-Ni Nanocrystalline Powders for Hydrogen Storage Obtained by Reactive Mechanical Alloying
Radu L. Orban, Mariana Lucaci, Nicolae Jumate, Magdalena Orban

Soft Magnetic Materials on the Base of Crystalline and Nanocrystalline Iron Powders
Maslyuk V. A, Panasyuk O. A., Vlasova O. V., Napara-Volgina S. G., Kurovskiy V. Ya.

Study about Activated Sintering of Pseudoalloys Based on Tungsten Powder
D.Sc.Eng. Cristina Ileana Pascu, D.Sc. Eng. Ioan Vida-Simiti

Magnetic Properties of Sintered FeNi and NiFeCuMo Alloys Using Mixed Powders
Daniel Rodrigues, Gilberto Vicente Concílio, Bruno Ferreira Antunes

The Influence of the Kind of Powder on Physical Properties of Soft Magnetic Composites
Barbara Slusarek, Marek Przybylski

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