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Euro PM2009 Proceedings: Tools for Improving PM

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  • : 2009

Euro PM2009 Congress Technical Presentations on Tools for Improving PM.

This download contains the following papers:

Production of Bi-Material Tubular Structures by Powder Metallurgy
Y. Kamdem, D. Bouvard, P. Doremus, D. Imbault, F. Doré

Development of Discrete Modeling to Study Metal Powders Mechanical Behavior
B. Harthong, J.-F. Jerier, P. Doremus, F.-V. Donze, D. Imbault

Parameter Sensitivity at Advanced Constitutive Modeling of Powder Materials
Daniel Andersson and Per-Lennart Larsson

Finite Element Based Optimization of a Near Net-Shape Manufacturing Process Chain for CuCr Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers
Arno Plankensteiner, Christian Grohs, Christian Feist, Robert Grill, August Schwaiger, Lorenz S. Sigl, Heinrich Kestler

Dilatometry of PM Carbon Steels in Different Atmospheres – Deoxidation Effects
Christian Gierl, Maryam Jaliliziyaean, Herbert Danninger, Sven Bengtsson

Comparison among PM Steels Obtained from Diffusion-Bonded Powders (Nominally Equivalent) by Dilatometric Analysis
Rivolta, B., Gerosa, R., Bocchini, G.F. Pinasco M.R.,

Investigation of the Transition between Open and Closed Porosity for Different Iron Based PM Materials
Magdalena Dlapka, Herbert Danninger, Chistian Gierl, Björn Lindqvist

New Approaches for the Characterization and Simulation of PM Sintering
Erwin Kaisersberger, Angela Ikonomou

The Precipitation Kinetics of Rapidly Solidified Cu-Cr Alloys
Milan Bizjak, Janez Kovač

Microstructural Characterization of SiC Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites
A. Makszimus, T. Pieczonka, C. H. Gür, E. Tan, Z. Gacsi

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