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Euro PM2011 Proceedings: Full Density

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2011 Congress Technical Presentations on Full Density.

This download contains the following papers:

Control and Optimisation of the Selective Laser Melting Process: From the Initial Powder Properties to their Impact on Final Manufactured Parts Characteristics
M. Averyanova, Ph. Bertrand, B. Verquin

Density/Porosity Control of Sintered 316L Stainless Steel Parts Shaped by 3D-Printing

Powder Preform Forging of Spark Plasma Sintered Ti64 Preforms
C.Menapace, N. Vicente Jr., A.Molinari

Nanostructured Bainitic Steel Obtained by Powder Metallurgy Approach: Structure, Transformation Kinetics and Mechanical Properties
I. Lonardelli, L. Girardini, L. Maines, C. Menapace, A. Molinari, H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia

Computer-Aided Evaluation of Particle Distribution in Metallic Matrix Composites
Mircea Nicoara, Aurel Raduta, Cosmin Locovei

Properties of Sintered Parts Shaped by 3D-Printing from Bimodal 316L Stainless Steel Powder Mixtures

Manufacturing Large Complex HIP Shapes
D. J. Novotnak, L. W. Lherbier, D. W. Gandy

Influence of Hot Pressing Technique and Powder Preparation on the Consolidation of a TiAl PVD Cathode/Target
H. Falk Windisch, W.Kapaun, G. Kladler, M. Kitzmantel, E. Neubauer

A Comparison of Corrosion Properties of Powder Metallurgical Stainless Steels and Conventionally Cast Stainless Steels
W. Fredriksson,D. Petrini, S. Sundin, F. Björefors, L. Nyholm, K. Edström

Density Distribution of Powder in a HIP Capsule after Filling
C. Van Nguyen, A. Bezold, C. Broeckmann

Hot Forging of Phosphorous Powder Materials on the Iron Base in the Presence of Liquid Phase
Vladimir Dorofeyev, Yury Dorofeyev, Roman Vodolazhenko and Tatyana Goncharova

A Comparison of the Microstructure of W and W-Ti Consolidated by Rapid Hot Pressing or Conventional Hot Pressing
E. Neubauer, W. Kapaun, G. Kladler, H.F. Windisch, P. Angerer

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