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Euro PM2011 Proceedings: Non Ferrous PM Materials

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2011 Congress Technical Presentations on Non Ferrous PM Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Hot Isostatic Pressing of NiTi-X (X=Ag, Nb, W) Alloys for Functional Engineering Applications
M. Bitzer, M. Bram, H. P. Buchkremer, D. Stöver

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) of Ti 45Al 5Nb 0.2B 0.2C (at%)
W. Limberg, T. Ebel, F. P. Schimansky, M. Oehring, F. Pyczak

Processing and Microstructure of Al2O3-Cu Composite Material Interpenetrating Network Type
Katarzyna Pietrzak, Katarzyna Jach, Dariusz Kalinski, Marcin Chmielewski, J. Morgiel

Metal Injection Moulding for W-10%Cu Material with Ultrafine Composite Powder
Jiupeng Song, Meigui Qi Xiong Zeng Longshan Xu, Yang Yu, Zhigang Zhuang

Formation of Cemented Cu-SiC Composite by Powder Metallurgy Method
Gozde Celebi Efe, Ibrahim Altinsoy, Mediha Ipek, Sakin Zeytin, Cuma Bindal

Copper-Alumina Composite Materials as a Tribological Element of Foil Bearings
M.Chmielewski, A.Strojny, A.Piatkowska, D.Kaliński, K.Pietrzak

Thermoelectric Properties of Ag Doped Polycrystalline P-type Bi2Te3 Based Materials Prepared by the Rapid Hot-Pressing Route
Yang Jiang, Honghai Zhong, Daxing Kong, Dabin Yu

Relationship Between Microstructure and Hardness in Dual Phase Nickel Aluminides Prepared by Different Processing Routes
A. Fuente, J.M. Martín, and F. Castro

The Effect of the Electroless Nickel Plating on the Compressive Strength of AlCuSiMg/SiC(Ni)p Composites
Judit PÁZMÁN, Viktor MÁDAI, József TÓTH, Zoltán GÁCSI

Evaluation of Cu-CNT Nanocomposite Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy
Z. Sadeghian, D. Pourjafar, M. Alehoseini

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