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Euro PM2011 Proceedings: Powder Injection Moulding

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Euro PM2011 Congress Technical Presentations on Powder Injection Moulding.

This download contains the following papers:

Titanium Grade 4 by Powder Injection Moulding of Titanium Hydride
E. Carreño-Morelli, J.-E. Bidaux, M. Rodríguez-Arbaizar, H. Girard, H. Hamdan

Feedstock Development for Powder Injection Moulding of Zirconium Silicate
Elena Bernardo, Javier Hidalgo, Antonia Jiménez-Morales and José M. Torralba

Copper and Copper Alloys as Alternative Solution to 17-4PH
Dr. Natalie Salk, Dipl. Ing. Stephanie Schneider

Processing and Properties of 4140 and 4340 MIM Parts Manufactured via Pre-alloyed Powders and Master Alloy Routes
Dr Andrew Coleman, Mr Keith Murray, Mr Toby Tingskog, Mr Bob Sanford, Mr Erainy Gonzalez

Behaviours of Feedstock Including Not-Tailored Powder for Powder Injection Moulding
BRICOUT Juliena,b, GELIN Jean-Claudeb, ABLITZER Carinea, MATHERON Pierrea and BROTHIER Méryla

Powder Injection Moulding of Light Alloys Powder
Engin Ergul, Levent Acar, H. Ozkan Gulsoy

Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity Study of Feedstocks for PIM Process: Influence of Powder Size and Chemical Nature
D. Checot-Moinard, P. Lourdin

Study and Development of Micro Hot Embossing on 316l/Polymer Mixtures
Elsa W. Sequeiros, T.J. Ferreira, M. T. Vieira, M. F. Vieira

Influence of the Injection Parameters on the Interface Formation of Co-injected PIM Parts
Mulser, M.; Petzoldt, F ; Lipinski; M.; Hepp, E.

Production of Multi-Material Micro Parts by Powder Injection Moulding
V. Piotter, T. Mueller, J. Prokop, K. Plewa, A. Ruh, E. Vorster

Enabling Co-Sintering of ATZ/ZTA Ceramic Compounds by Two-Component Injection Moulding with Green Tapes as Interlayers
Anne Mannschatz, Tassilo Moritz, Stephan Jegust, Moritz von Witzleben

Development of an Innovative Tension Test Process for the Investigation of Sinter Joined Connections
J. Fleischer, K. Klimscha

Manufacturing of 316L Stamper for Imprinting by Micro Sacrificial Plastic Mould Inserted MIM
Kenji Okubo, Shigeo Tanaka, Hiroshi Ito and Kazuaki Nishiyabu

Combining New Self Lubricating Steel with Carbonyl Iron by MIM
Renan Schroeder, Cristiano Binder, José Daniel B. de Mello, Aloisio N. Klein

New Injection Moulding Equipment for PIM Microparts
M. Maetzig, H. Walcher, U. Haupt

MIM-Simulation: Benefits of Advanced Rheology Models
Dr. Marco Thornagel

MIM Versus Investment Casting (Real Overlap for Similar Parts)
Manuel Caballero

Influence of Powder Grades and Binder Content on Tolerances of MIM-316L
Johanna Wallot; Frank Baumgaertner

Microstructural Characterisation and Wear Behaviour of M2 HSS Reinforced with Carbides Processed by MIM
G. Herranz, G. Rodríguez

A Rapid Tooling Micromould for µPIM Parts
Jose Antonio Rodríguez-Cortés, Ismael Sastre, Victor Parrondo, David González-López, David González-Fernández, Paula Queipo

Enabling Coarser MIM Materials by Ferritic Sintering
Anna Larsson and Jens Rassmus

Fabrication of Metallic Implants Using Palm Based Binder Through MIM Process
M.A.Omar, K.Noorsal, I.Subuki, N.Abdullah and A.H.Zulkifly

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