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Euro PM2011 Proceedings: Powder Pressing

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2011 Congress Technical Presentations on Powder Pressing.

This download contains the following papers:

Lubrication and Delubrication of Alumix 431 Grade Powder
T. Pieczonka, J. Kazior, M. Nykiel, M. Hebda

Behaviour of Conventional and New PM Lubricants as a Function of Processing Parameters
Yannig Thomas, Sylvain St Laurent and Vincent Paris

Design of High Efficiency Lubricants for Challenging PM Applications
Sylvain St-Laurent, Vincent Paris and Yannig Thomas

Breakthrough Concept for the Integration of Multi-Level Tools in Servo-Driven Compacting Presses
Lutz Lackner

Influence of the Compaction Speed on the Dimensional and Geometrical Precision of Cr-Mo Steel Multilevel Parts
M. Pilla, I. Cristofolini, G. Pederzini, A. Molinari

Higher Densities of PM-Steels by Warm Secondary Compaction and Sizing
C. Recknagel, A. Marquardt, I. Langer, S. Müller, B. Kieback

Advantages of Servo-Electric Powder Compacting Technology for Tungsten Carbide Applications
Alex Wehrli, Ignace Zwygart

The Granular Dynamics Approach to Analyze Nanopowder Behaviour During Cyclic Loading
Boltachev G.Sh., Volkov N.B., Kirkova E.G., Shtern M.B., Kuzmov A.V.

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