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Euro PM2011 Proceedings: Sintered Steels

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2011 Congress Technical Presentations on Sintered Steels.

This download contains the following papers:

Gigacycle Fatigue of Different Low Alloyed PM Steels for Sinter Hardening
Magdalena Dlapka, Herbert Danninger, Christian Gierl, Brigitte Weiss, Golta Khatibi, Agnieszka Betwar-Kotas

Influence of Selected Alloying Elements on the Hardenability and Fatigue Strength of Recently Developed Sinter-Hardening PM Steels
I. Rampin, M. Zanon,S. Saccarola and F. Castro

Assessing the Fatigue Strength of a Sintered Steel as Affected by the Highly Stressed Volume
A. Zafari, P. Beiss, C. Broeckmann, K. Lipp

Application of Appropriate Design Methods for Reliable Fatigue Assessment of P/M Components
J. Baumgartner, K. Lipp

Subcritical Fatigue Crack Nucleation, Coalescence and Growth to Failure in Structural Sintered Steel
Margita Kabátová, Eva Dudrová, Monika Hrubovčáková

Lean Cr-Containing Powders for Obtaining High Performance PM Steel Grades
S. Bueno , S. Saccarola, A. Karuppannagounder, A. Veiga, S. Sainz and F. Castro

Cost Effective Material for Heat Treated Gear Applications
Ulf Engström, Caroline Larsson, Robert Frykholm

Microstructure and Properties of Hybrid-Alloy Chromium Steels
F. Castro, S. Sainz, Bruce Lindsley, Kalathur. S. Narasimhan, W. Brian James

High Performance Sinter Hardening Materials for Synchronizing Hubs
Caroline Larsson and Ulf Engström

Correlations Between Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Sintering Parameters for PM Steels
Christian Gierl, Wolfgang Molnar, Herbert Danninger

Effect of Green Density on Oxide Reduction during Sintering of Chromium Pre-alloyed Steel
Hrubovcakova M., Dudrova E.

The Improvement in Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Sin-tered Iron Powder Based Materials by Plastic Deformation Methods as well as by Alloying With Nanosized Particles of Oxides
Ilyushchenko A.Ph., Kireev P.A., Sudnik L.V., Savich V.V.

Effect of Phosphorus Addition on Sinterability of Fe-2Ni-0.8C Alloy
Rajiv Kumar, A.Raja Annamalai, Anish Upadhyaya

Mechanical Properties, Structure and Fracture of Low Carbon PM Steels based on Astaloy CrL and CrM Powders
Maciej Sulowski, Margita Kabatova, Eva Dudrova

Oxide Transformation During Sintering of Cr and Mn Prealloyed Water Atomized Steel Powder
E. Hryha, L. Nyborg

Leaner Alloys for the PM Industry
Peter Sokolowski and Bruce Lindsley

Improved Mechanical Properties of Low Alloyed Sintered Steels through Fe – Mn – Si Master Alloys
A. Marquardt,C. Recknagel, I. Langer, S. Müller, B. Kieback

Surface Analysis at Different Sintering Stages of Steel Compacts with Mn and Si
R. Oro, M. Campos, E.Hryha, L. Nyborg, JM Torralba

Thermodynamic Interpretation of Microstructural and Liquid Phase Development for a B-Containing PM Stainless Steel
F. Castro and L. Lozada

Influence of Aluminium on Dimensional Change of Sintered 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel
L.E.G. Cambroner , J. Marugan, J.M. Ruiz Román, J.M. Ruiz Prieto, J.C. Suarez

Comparative Analysis of Carbon and Boron Behavior in Austenitic Stainless Steels of the Type AISI 316 Fabricated via PM and Traditional Technologies
A.V. Shulga

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