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Euro PM2011 Proceedings: Tools for Improving PM

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  • : 2011

Euro PM2011 Congress Technical Presentations on Tools for Improving PM.

This download contains the following papers:

In-Situ Synchrotron Study of a High Alloyed Cold Work Tool Steel During Heat Treatment under Nitrogen Atmosphere
K. Zumsande, N. Krasokha, S. Huth, S. Weber, W. Theisen

Oxygen in Pilot-Scale Gas Atomised Powders - Study of Oxygen Uptake and Oxide Characterisation
Karin Frisk, Alexander Angré, Erik Mild, Fredrik Lindberg, Christer Eggertson

High Temperature Instrumented Indentation of Wc/Co Hardmetals
J C P Zuñega, M G Gee, B Roebuck, and R K Wood

Study of the Effect of Powder Mixture on the Geometrical Characteristics of PM Copper Steel Parts by DOE Analysis
Ilaria Cristofolini, Melania Pilla, Alberto Molinari, Mats Larsson

Increasing the Tool Life by Wear Tests of Tool Steels
F. Fiedler, S. Müller, F. Löser, U. Bardelmeier, P. Lyubarskyy, L: Deters

The Effect of Vacuum Treating on the Microstructure Development of Fe - [1.5 Cr - 0.2 Mo] - 0.6 C Steel
Marco Actis Grande, Róbert Bidulský, Jana Bidulská and Ilaria Forno

Microstructural Characterization of Metallic Alloy 25.2%Fe - 49.5%Cu - 24.1%Co Obtained by the Technique of Powder Metallurgy
Hellen Cristine, Mariana Soares, Marcello Filgueira

Influence of Temperature on the Extrusion of a Novel Hardmetal Paste
H. Ferstl, R. Barbist, S.L. Rough and D.I. Wilson

Study of the Thermal Decomposition for Different Feedstocks Powder Injection Moulding
B. Mamen, T. Barriere, J-C. Gelin

Prediction of the Fatigue Limit of PM Steel Parts by the Application of a Neural Network
B. Lofti, S.R. Asadullahpour, A. Zafari, P. Beiss

Determination of Yield Surfaces in Advanced Constitutive Powder Models Using Inverse Modeling
Daniel C. Andersson and Per-Lennart Larsson

Conveying of Ferromagnetic Powder Materials by Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
Lapkovsky V., Mironov V., Shishkin A., Zemchenkov V.

New Theoretical Tool to Model Powder Systems under Compression
J.M. Montes, F.G. Cuevas, J.Cintas, E. Romero, J.M. Gallardo

Effect of Particle Size Distribution at Powder Compaction
Erik Olsson, Per-Lennart Larsson.

PM Application with Acoustic Resonance Testing
Olaf Strama, Dr. Eberhard Ernst

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