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Euro PM2013 Proceedings: Cermets and Ceramics

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  • : 2013

This package contains all 8 'Cermets and Ceramics' papers from the Euro PM2013 Proceedings.


Wettability Between Iron Based Matrix and Ti(C,N) Reinforcement of Cermets at High Temperature, P. Alvaredo, E. Gordo

Microstructure and Abrasive Wear Resistance of Tic-WC-Co-Ni-Cr Cermets Obtained by Liquid Phase Sintering, I. Iparraguirre, N. Rodriguez, I. Iturriza and J.M. Sánchez

Discharge sintering of hard metal cutting tools, Alessandro Fais

Tribological Profile of Binderless and Cobalt Bonded Niobium Carbide, Mathias Woydt

Slip Casting of Ferrous Matrix-Ti(CN) cermets. Comparison of the Colloidal Behavior Between Fe and Stainless Steel, J.A. Escribano, P. Alvaredo. Ferrari, E. Gordo and A.J. Sánchez-Herencia

Processing and Characterization of Low Pressure Sintered B4C, J.B. de Campos, R.A.L. Couto, M.G. Diniz, A.R. Pimenta, M.A.S. Pinheiro and C.A.C. Neto

Microstructural evaluation of TiMoCN-Ni cermets, Hiroyuki Hosokawa, Koji Shimojima Ryoichi Furushima and Akihiro Matsumoto

Effect of milling processes on high-temperature oxidation resistance of TiC-FeAl, K. Shimojima, R. Furushima, H. Hosokawa, A. Matsumoto

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