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Euro PM2013 Proceedings: Compaction

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  • : 2013

This package contains all 9 'Compaction' papers from the Euro PM2013 Proceedings.


Influence of the Scatter of Sintered Height on the Precision of Parts Sized by a Hydraulic Press, Ilaria Cristofolini, Melania Pilla, Dante Belluzzi, Gianluca Pederzini, Matteo Crocetti, Alberto Molinari

Numerical simulation of powder metal compaction with Drucker-Prager cap model in a multi height component, Marko Šori, Tomaž Verlak, Srečko Glodež

Compaction dies for spur gears: FEM analysis to assess the influence of design parameters on stress state, E. Armentani, G. F. Bocchini, G. Cricrì

Introduction to a new standardized test method for powder mixes the Gustavsson flow meter funnel , Mats Larsson,Erich Brandner and Stefan Gustavsson

Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for Materials Processing in Powder Metallurgy, Mironovs V., Lapkovskis V. , Kolbe M, Zemcenkovs V., Shishkin A.

Recent Advances in Sizing Press Technology, Walter Rau, Wolfgang Schübl & Lutz Lackner

Hot Explosive Consolidation of Nanostructured Cu-W Composites, A. B. Peikrishvili, G. I. Mamniashvili, B. Godibadze, E. Sh. Chagelishvili T. Gegechkori, M.V. Tsiklauri

Computer Optimization of Cermet Coatings Metal Binder - Ultra-Fine Refractory Inclusions Post-Treatment by Pulsed Highly Concentrated Energy Fluxes, O.P. Solonenko, A.A. Golovin

Modeling of Unidirectional Compaction of Spongy Titanium Powder with an Elastically Clad Punch, V. V. Savich, S. A. Pronkevich, A. I. Sheluhina, V. M. Gorohov

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