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Euro PM2013 Proceedings: Powder Injection Moulding Materials

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  • : 2013

This package contains all 12 'Powder Injection Moulding Materials' papers from the Euro PM2013 Proceedings.


Anisotropic NdFeB hard magnets by MIM, Hartwig T ,L. Lopes, N. Ünal

Development of tungsten-copper shaped charge liners by metal injection moulding of ultrafine composite powder, Jiupeng Song,Yang Yu Wei Wang, Mingliang Ouyang, Daoxing Ye,Zhigang Zhuang

Nb-Si intermetallic composites for high-temperature applications produced by MIM, M. Mulser, T. Hartwig, C. Seemüller, M. Heilmaier, N. Adkins, M. Wickins

Sinterability and microstructure formation of a Hadfield steel produced by MIM, Renan Schroeder, Cristiano Binder, Aloisio N. Klein

Manufacturing of porous metal components by Metal Injection Moulding, D. Auzena, A. Fagnier, B. Cauwe, J.M. Popot, A. Darbeida, M. Stepien

Optimisation of feedstock based on pure nickel to produce parts with magnetomechanical properties, Gemma Herranz, Ana Romero, Juan F. Pérez, Ángel L. Morales, Gloria P. Rodríguez

Fatigue Behavior of Fe-2%Ni Alloy Produced by Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), Kyu-Sang Cho, Kee-Ahn Lee, Min-Jong Kim, Jae-Ok Jeong, Si-Woo Park

42CrMo4 steel produced by MIM: influence of the alloying method on shrinkage, microstructure and mechanical properties, M. Cazzolli, C. Menapace, M. Perina, A. Molinaria

High Cycle Fatigue of Titanium fabricated by Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), Katharina Horke, Robert F. Singer

Addition of Rare Earth Elements to MIM -processed Ti-6Al-4V, W.Limberg, T. Ebel, K. U. Kainer,

Effect of Debinding and Sintering Atmospheres of Low expansion Invar alloy for μMIM, J. Hidalgo, A. Jiménez-Morales, T. Barriere, J.C. Gelin, J.M. Torralba

Tailoring the porous microstructure of MIM flow restrictors, Kaline Furlan, Renan Schroeder, Fernando Torres, Vinicius G Calcagni, Cristiano Binder, Aloisio N. Klein

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