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Euro PM2013 Proceedings: Powder Injection Moulding Processing

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  • : 2013

This package contains all 9 'Powder Injection Moulding Processing' papers from the Euro PM2013 Proceedings.


High-Grade Micro Components produced by Variants of Powder Injection Moulding Volker Piotter, Elvira Honza, Alexander Klein, Tobias Mueller, Klaus Plewa

Feedstock development based on eco-friendl y binder s ystem for Powder Injection Molding, C.Abajo, J. Hidalgo, A.Jiménez-Morales, J.M.Torralba

Rheological behaviour of binder systems for PIM and mixing rules for calculation of viscosity Christian Kukla, Ivica Duretek, Clemens Holzer

Analysis of the influence of assembly force on joint strength during MIM Sinter Joining, K. Klimscha Katharina, J. Fleischer

Simulation and Calculation of binder and Powder Relative Transference Rate Under PIM, V.A. Dovydenkov, O.S. Zvereva

Metal injection molding analysis of WGV head in a turbocharger of gasoline automobiles, Dae-Kyu Park, Bo-Gyu Park, Si-W oo Park, Sang-Yoon Kim, Jong Ha Kim, Kyu-Sang Cho

Metal injection molding analysis of vane made by HK30 metal powder in turbocharger, Bo-Gyu Park, Ho-Joon Lee, Kyu-Hoi Do, Kyoung-Chol Cho, Jong Ha Kim

Measurement of the yield stress of a stainless steel feedstock, Ivica Duretek, Christian Kukla, Günter Rüdiger Langecker, Clemens Holzer

Molded Parts Numerical simulation of sintered tungsten components under pure hydrogen atmosphere, B. Mamen, T. Barriere, J-C. Gelin

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