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Euro PM2013 Proceedings: Sintered Steels - Low Alloy Steels

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  • : 2013

This package contains all 7 'Sintered Steels - Low Alloy Steels' papers from the Euro PM2013 Proceedings.


From raw material to new challenging applications, Ulf Engström, Caroline Larsson, Christophe Szabo

Vanadium and Silicon Alloyed PM Steels, Bruce Linds ley, Chris Schade and Thomas Murphy

Influence of sintering cycle and chemical composition on the amount of martensite obtained after cooling of PM nickel steels, F. Castro, A. Veiga, S. Sainz, E. Urionabarrenetxea and D. Jorge

Lean steels modified with a new Cu-based master alloy: influence of process parameters in dimensional and sintering behavior, Elena Bernardo, Mónica Campos, José M. Torralba, Christian Gierl, Herbert Danninger, Robert Frykholm

Chromium-Manganese Sintered Structural Steels Processing from Chromium Prealloyed - Iron - Manganese - Carbon Powder Mixtures, Magdalena Orban, Radu L. Orban

Tailoring the microstructure from the base powder: a new family of lean steels, Jose M. Torralba, Alfons o Navarro, Mónica Campos

Introduction of Oxidation-Sensitive Elements in Low Alloyed Steels using the Master Alloy Route: Key Aspects for Success, Raquel Oro, Mónica Campos, Christian Gierl-Mayer, Herbert Danninger, Jose M. Torralba

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