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Euro PM2013 Proceedings: Sintered Steels - Tailored Mechanical Properties

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  • : 2013

This package contains all 5 'Sintered Steels - Tailored Mechanical Properties' papers from the Euro PM2013 Proceedings.


Boost in Performance by Control of the Sintering Atmopshere, Sigurd Berg, Sören Wiberg, Akin Malas

Low Temperature Creep Behavior of PM Components Under Static Load Conditions, Kumar Babu Surreddi, Maheswaran Vattur Sundaram, Eduard Hryha, Henrik Karlsson, Michael Andersson, Lars Nyborg

Properties of Various Malleable Iron Powder Grades, François Chagnon, Julie Campbell-Tremblay and Maryam Moravej

Comparison of High Temperature Properties of Sintered and Cast Austenitic Stainless Steels with the Same Chemical Composition, Ruslan Shvab, Eva Dudrová, Pavol Hvizdoš, Ola Bergman, Sven Bengtsson

Prediction of Microstructure of High Cr-alloyed Sintered Steel by Thermo-Calc and JM atPro Calculations, Ruslan Shvab, Petro Shykula, Eva Dudrová, Ola Bergman, Sven Bengtsson,

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