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Euro PM2013 Proceedings: Sintering - Atmospheres and Atmosphere Control

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  • : 2013

This package contains all 9 'Sintering - Atmospheres and Atmosphere Control' papers from the Euro PM2013 Proceedings.


Effectiveness of Different Reducing Agents during Sintering of Cr-Prealloyed PM Steels, E. Hryha, L. Nyborg

Optimisation of sintering atmospheres for controlled sintering of PM steels, D. Chasoglou, E. Hryha

Quality Sintering by Using New Furnace Atmosphere Control Technologies, Akin Malas

Lean atmospheres for sintering chromium alloyed PM steels, S. Karamchedu, E. Hryha, S. Berg, S. Wiberg, L. Nyborg

Improved efficiency by vacuum sintering and low pressure carburizing of PM components, Hubert MULIN, Yves GIRAUD, Jean-Jacques SINCE, Mats LARSSON

Influence Of Temperature And Quenching Rate On Hardness And Resizing Of Powder Low-Alloy Steels During Heat Treatment In A Flow Of Cold Endogas, ILYUSHCHENKO A.PH., GOLYAKOVA I.N., GOROKHOV V.M., TARUSOV I.N.

Manufacturing of Si infiltrable PM molybdenum preforms with varying porosity characteristics, Ewa Dadal, Christian Gierl, Herbert Danninger; Lucia Sencekova, Karol Izdinsky, Frantisek Simancik

Microstructural Investigation of Sinter Hardened Distaloy-DH Powder Alloys, Gülten Kılıç, Bilgehan Ögel and Nuri Durlu

Macroscopic illustration of Zn evaporation during liquid phase sintering of Cu-28Zn prepared from prealloyed powder, Maziyar Azadbeh, Herbert Danninger and Christian Gierl

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