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Euro PM2014 Proceedings: Biomaterials

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  • : 2014

This package contains all 6 'Biomaterials' papers from the Euro PM2014 Proceedings.


Magnesium Powder Injection Moulding for Biomedical Application - M. Wolff, J. G. Schaper, M. Dahms, T. Ebel, K. U. Kainer, T. Klassen

Low Elastic Modulus Ti-17Nb Processed by Powder Injection Moulding and Post-Sintering Heat Treatments - J.-E. Bidaux, R. Pasquier, M. Rodriguez-Arbaizar, H. Girard, E. Carreño-Morelli

Microstructural Characterization of Ti-Nb-(Fe-Cr) Alloys Obtained by Powder Metallurgy - A. Amigó, J. Zambrano, S. Martinez, V. Amigó Amigo

Biological Characterization of Materials Produced by Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) for Dental Applications - D. Auzene, T. Jacquemin, J.L.Duval, C. Egles and
J.M. Popot

Formation of Anisotropic Structure of Porous Vertebral Implants by Compacting Spongy Titanium Powder through the Elastic Punch Facing - Savich V.V., Shelukhina A.I., Sheko G.A., Taraykovich A.M., Bedenko S.A.

Production and Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Ti-Nb-Ta-Mn Alloy Foams for Biomedical Applications - C. Guerra, C. Aguilar, D. Guzmán, P.A. Rojas, S. Lascano, L. Perez

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