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Euro PM2014 Proceedings: Cermets

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  • : 2014

This package contains all 6 'Cermets' papers from the Euro PM2014 Proceedings.


Development of NbC-based Hardmetals: Influence of Secondary Carbide Addition and Metal Binder - S.G. Huang, K. Vanmeensel, H. Mohrbacher, M. Woydt, J. Vleugels

Effect of the Ti/W Ratio on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TiC-WC-(Co,Ni,Cr) Cermets - I. Iparraguirre, N. Rodriguez and J.M. Sánchez.

Combination of Colloidal Techniques and Powder Metallurgy for Processing Fe-Ti(C,N) Cermets - E. Gordo P. Alvaredo, J. A. Escribano, B. Ferrari, A.J. Sanchez-Herencia

Some Peculiarities of Material Synthesis in Ti-Cr-C-Me System - G. Oniashvili, Z. Aslamazashvili, G. Zakharov, M.Chikhradze

Feasibility Study for the Development of FeNbC Cermets: Effect of Composition/Carbon Content - E. Francoa, S. A. Tsipasb, E. Gordob, C.E. da Costaa|

Relationship Between the Structure and Properties of Polycarbide Based Hard Alloys with Nano-WC Addings - Igor Koval, Dr Lyudmyla Bodrova, Dr Halyna Kramar, Dr Olena Mul, Dr Sergiy Marynenko

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