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Euro PM2014 Proceedings: Hardmetals

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  • : 2014

This package contains all 10 'Hardmetals' papers from the Euro PM2014 Proceedings.


Corrosion Damage in WC-Co Cemented Carbides: Residual Strength Assessment and 3D FIB-FESEM Tomography Characterization - J. M. Tarragó, G. Fargas,
E. Jimenez-Piqué, A. Felip, L. Isern, D. Coureaux, J.J.Roa, I. Al-Dawery , J. Fair and L. Llanes

Effect of Mo and Mo2C Additions on the Microstructure of Sintered WC-Co Components - Valentin Dalbauer, Thomas Jewett

Mechanical Properties of Fine Grained Hardmetals Produced by Pressureless and Pressure Assisted Sintering Technologies - M. Zivcec, C. Broeckmann, M. Hajeck,
K. Rödiger

Optimization of Carbothermal Reactions for Producing Nanostructured Tungsten Carbide Powders - R. Oro, E. Hryha, R. Gilardi, L. Alzati, L. Nyborg

Conventional Sintering vs. Electric Pulse Consolidation of Tungsten Carbide – Cobalt Alloy: Comparative Analysis - Ilyuschenko A.F., Poberezhniy S.V., Kuznechik O.O., Grigoryev E.G.

Microstructural Effects on the Mechanical Integrity of Electrical-Discharge-Machined Hardmetals - F. García-Marro, A. Mestra, G. Ramírez, M. Vilaseca, J.M Calero, D. Casellas and L. Llanes

Etchants for Cemented Carbides Optical Microstructure Analysis - Elias Aschauer, Richard E Cook and Timothy Frisk

Influence of Small Additions of MeC on Properties of Binderless Tungsten Carbide - J. Poetschke, V. Richter, A. Michaelis

Preliminary Comparison of Hardmetals Obtained by SPS and by Electrical Resistance Sintering (ERS) - J.M. Gallardo, J.M Montes, Th. Schubert, T. Weissgaerber, C. Andreouli, V Oikonomou, L.Prakash, J.A. Calero, G. Abrivard, C.Guraya, M.A. Lagos, I.Agote

Modified Sinter Unit (MSU) for Sintering of Metal and Ceramic Powder Compacts - R. Scholl, T. Slawik, T. Moritz, A. Michaelis

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