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Euro PM2014 Proceedings: Low Alloy Steels

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  • : 2014

This package contains all 9 'Low Alloy Steels' papers from the Euro PM2014 Proceedings.


New Manganese Containing PM-Steels – Production and Application Potential - Raphael Menz, Juri Burow, Klaus Dollmeier

Effect of Ni and Cu Addition on Pre-Alloyed Mo Powders Designed for High Performance Applications - Julie Campbell-Tremblay, Sylvain St-Laurent

Enhanced Sintering of PM Steels by Addition of Fe-Ni-B Masteralloy - Christian Gierl-Mayer, Johannes Zbiral, Herbert Danninger

Microstructural Development and Effect of Different Cu/C Contents On Dimensional Changes during Sintering of PM Steels - C. Bilbao, S. Sainz, A. Veiga and F. Castro

Structure Formation Regularities of Iron - Copper Pseudoalloys During Infiltration and Subsequent Processing - L.N. Dyachkova, A.N. Leonov, P.A. Vityaz

Effect of High Sintering Temperature on the Dimensional and Geometrical Precision of PM Cr-Mo Steel Parts - N.Corsentino, I.Cristofolini, S. Libardi, A. Molinari

Influence of Microadditives of Different Nature on Powder Structure Formation of Carbon and Alloyed Steels during Sintering - Dyachkova L.N., Ilyushchenko A.Ph.

Composite Powder Materials Based on Low-Alloyed Steels: Manufacturing High Strength Structural Materials using Sinter Hardening Technology - A.Ph. Ilyushchenko,V.M. Gorokhov,I.N. Golyakova, I.N. Tarusov

Influence of the High Sintering Temperature on the Impact Properties of a Low Alloyed Cu-Mo Steel - C.Menapace, G.Cipolloni, A.Molinari

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