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Euro PM2014 Proceedings: PM Current and Future Applications

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  • : 2014

This package contains all 7 'PM Current and Future Applications' papers from the Euro PM2014 Proceedings.


Material Development Dedicated to Thermo-Electric Generator for High Temperature Applications - P. Revirand, A. Cabot, A. Galnares, JR Morante, G. Noriega,
G. Mauguen, M. Bailleux

Characterization of the Interface Reaction Zone between Iron and NiZn Ferrite in Composite Material - R. Guicheteau, J.L. Bobet, J.F. Silvain

Novel Soft Magnetic Composite for AC Applications with Reduced Total Core Losses - Leonid Frayman, Stephen Quinn, Ryan Quinn, David Green, Francis Hanejko

Densification and Fracture Characteristics of Spark Plasma Sintered Copper- CNT- Ruthenium Composites - R Sule, PA Olubambi, I Sigalas, JKO Asante and JC Garrett

Mechanical Properties of High Carbon Fe-C Alloys by MA/SPS Process - KawamoriS. K. Kuroda, Y. Kasuga

Interface Observation of Iron Based Metallic Glassy Powder in Pressurized Liquid Phase Sintered Compaction - N. Yodoshi, R. Yamada, A. Kawasaki, A. Makino

High Emitting Tungsten-Based Heating Elements - B. Mayr-Schmölzer, M. Sulik, M. Kathrein, H. Kestler, L.S. Sigl

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